Why you should choose Sri Lanka for remote work travel

by | Jun 12, 2024

Are you a digital nomad or an anywhere worker? Do you want to make the best of remote work? Why not choose the sunny paradise island of Sri Lanka? Sip from a fresh coconut as your eyes switch between screen and sea. Or surround yourself with bird calls near a breezy lake by the wilderness. When you log off from work, saunter among ancient ruins, walk through a tea estate, swim with sea turtles or drift away to sleep on a hammock listening to the ocean waves. Here’s why Sri Lanka can beautifully merge your wanderlust with remote work.


Are you worried that your budget won’t stretch as far as an exotic island in the middle of the Indian Ocean? Don’t worry! Sri Lanka is pocket-friendly.

There are numerous desirable options – luxury resorts, villas, bungalows, homestays and hostels. Luxury isn’t a stretch here. The mid-range and budget accommodation and activity surpass expectations. These places also have complimentary WiFi.

Secreted on the island’s coastline are some of the most serene and aesthetic resorts, some quietly tucked away in secluded bays or beaches. And these won’t break the bank either. The southwestern and southern coasts are the most popular. If you need more isolation, the East Coast offers one of the quietest and pristine stretches of coastline. The ocean is almost a plunge pool on this side, with shallow waters stretching into the waters for miles.

Or you can head to the hills. Nestled in the tea-growing Highlands are beautiful colonial bungalows, converted 18th-century tea factories, hilltop chalets or cosy lodges. The North Central Plains have numerous accommodations that bring you closer to untamed nature. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the countryside and the dense jungles daily.

Take the off-the-beaten-track and go southeast, east, north or northwest. You will find national parks, peninsulas, lagoons, islands, reefs, mountains, monasteries, shrines and beaches. Wherever you go on the island, there is plenty to discover and explore. You can still get phone reception and mobile internet signals in these locations. You can choose a local pre-paid mobile and internet plan for more versatility.

The rail is cheap and will take you into the heart of the Central Hills, around the coastline, across the jungle plains and to the northernmost peninsula. Hopping in a taxi is easy. There are several local ride-hailing apps, as well as Uber. You will find the prices reasonable, too.

Food and drink are an inexpensive affair. You will be spending way less than you usually do at home. Whether high-end restaurants, local eateries, street food or home-cooked meals, the world of Sri Lankan cuisine never fails to impress. And it is as cheap as chips.

Getting a travel visa to Sri Lanka is straightforward and not a stringent or lengthy process. There are several visitor visas, and they are cost-effective. You can get a 1-year multiple-entry visa for USD 200.


The relatively small land area of Sri Lanka (25,330 sq mi) is astonishingly varied. You can zig-zag your way across regions quickly. When you want a change of scenery from the shady palm grove overlooking the ocean, choose a lakeside at the edge of a jungle or a verdant hilltop deep in the mountains.

And, every tropical scenery you can think of – rainforests, cloud forests, dry evergreen forests, wet evergreen forests, lowlands, highlands, mountains, hills, islands, islets, rivers, lagoons, mangroves, coral reefs, lakes, waterfalls, ancient reservoirs, pagodas, temples, rice fields, tea estates, and miles and miles of beaches, it’s all here.

When it rains in one part of the island, the other stays nice and warm due to its monsoon-based climate. So, it is always sunny somewhere in Sri Lanka, and you can get to the sunny part in a flash, wasting no time.


Treat yourself to heart-pumping excitement with a surfboard or yoga to calm the nerves. Sri Lanka offers the digital nomad wide-ranging activities to fill their spare time. You can also choose your location based on these.

History buffs have a whole Cultural Triangle to choose from. And, if holistic healing is part of your remote working lifestyle, there are excellent Ayurveda and Yoga resorts to check-in. Some are boutique and niche properties designed for harmonious communion with nature.

If you want to stay close to bright city lights, Colombo offers stark contrasts in accommodation. From grand hotels in the city centre to historic ones overlooking the sea to period mansions hidden out of sight, you can experience every kind to discover the many faces of this remarkable city.

From conservationism to children’s welfare, there are numerous causes to get involved in Sri Lanka. Take up volunteering in your spare time. Endorse your support to what you are passionate about. Be it nature, wildlife or charitable causes. You will find it enriching and fulfilling.

Proximity to other Southeast Asian countries

While Palk Strait, which connects India and Sri Lanka, is only 85 km, the nearest international airport in India to Sri Lanka is less than 400 air miles away. Maldives is less than 1000km away and has less than 500 air miles. There are frequent flights to both countries. Sri Lanka’s strategic position also puts Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand within easy reach. Major Southeast Asian destinations require only short flights from Sri Lanka.

Your travel partner for remote work

If you can work from anywhere, choosing Sri Lanka can offer unique travel opportunities. Affordability, connectivity, diversity and proximity make it an idyllic tropical island to take your work with you. Blue Lanka Tours accommodates your travel needs for remote work. Travel while you work and make it extra special with Sri Lanka’s award-winning destination management partner. Browse our accommodation portfolio and itineraries that offer inspiration and rejuvenation. Turn every working day into a holiday from your dreams.