Arugam Bay is the surf capital of Sri Lanka. It is a quaint, picturesque bay in the southeast of the island, away from the buzz of the big cities. There are approximately 400km from Arugam Bay to Colombo. It is world-renowned for hosting international surf competitions and for isolated beaches that are perfect hosts for lazing in the sun. It’s not just one of the top ten surfing destinations in the world; there are stunning natural beauties to explore. The nearby national parks, the lush lagoon, hidden history, and a thriving fishing scene add to the joys of spending time here. The Arugam Bay nightlife is lively and exuberant. The beaches host a mixture of beach parties and festivals. If surfing isn’t your passion, then this is your beach holiday paradise.

Hidden Gems

  • Lahugala Kitulana National Park is a habitat ground for elephants and wetland birds.
  • Magul Maha Viharaya is where King Kavantissa married Princess Viharamahadevi.
  • Okanda Devalaya has a smaller shrine at the top of the rock you can visit.
  • Panama Tank or Crocodile Point is a biodiversity-rich lake with sunning crocodiles.
  • Semanikulam Lake near Pottuvil Point has sightings of rare birds, elephants, and water buffalos.

Best Times to Visit

Surf season is from May to September. Suitable for off-season non-surf visits.



Top Attractions

Surfer in Arugambay

Surfing Points

The Main Point, Baby Point, Pottuvil Point, Elephant Rock, Whiskey Point, Peanut Farm, and Okanda are world-class Arugam Bay surf spots.

Kumana National Park

Kumana National Park

Yala’s sister national park is famous for its indigenous and migratory bird population. It is also home to elephants, leopards, and jackals.

elephant rock

Elephant Rock

As well as being a surf spot, the rock itself is a vantage point for sunsets and sweeping views. It is one of the main Arugam Bay places to visit.

Kudumbigala Monastery

Kudumbigala Monastery

There are over 200 caves and an ancient stupa in this rocky monastic complex from 2nd Century BC. The summit has breathtaking views.

Pottuvil Lagoon

Pottuvil Lagoon

The coastal lagoon thrives with mangrove forests and wildlife. You can spot elephants, monkeys, water buffalos, crocodiles, pelicans, and more.

Muhudu Maha Viharaya

Muhudu Maha Viharaya

Legend has it that King Kelanitissa’s daughter, Princess Viharamaha Devi, landed here after being sacrificed to the ocean, and met King Kavantissa.

Where to Shop in Arugambay

Arugam Bay is aptly suited for swimwear, clothes, and surf equipment shopping. Apsara bikini tailor, No Worries Surf Shop, and Rice and Carry are great shopping choices.

Where to Eat in Arugambay

Break Point, Hideaway Resort, Why Not, Roti Shop, Tandoori Hut, Leaf and Vine, Green Room, Gecko Café, and Beach Hut are some of the top restaurants in Arugam Bay.

Top Accommodations

Explore where you enjoy a comfortable stay during your explorations.

Jetwing Surf

Jetwing Surf

On the eastern edge of our teardrop-shaped island, an uncharted coastline separates our verdant lands from the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean. This harmonious relationship with nature is a story of complementary coexistence, effortlessly brought to life at our cabana resort in Pottuvil Point, a serene hideaway near the celebrated beaches of Arugam Bay.
Bay Vista Hotel Arugambay

Bay Vista Hotel

A minute’s walk from Arugam Bay Beach, this laid-back hotel with views of the Indian Ocean is 4 km from both Muhudu Maha Vihara temple and the nearest bus stop.Straightforward rooms feature balconies, ocean views and flat-screen TVs, in addition to air conditioning.
Amenities include a vegetarian cafe, and a rooftop terrace with ocean views.
Hideaway Arugam Bay<br />

Hideaway Arugam Bay

In a lush tropical garden setting, this relaxed resort is a 15-minute walk from Arugam Bay Beach, 6 km from Pottuvil Point beach and 167 km from Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport.
Bright accommodations range from rooms to bungalows and villas. All have verandas or balconies, plus mosquito nets.