Ella Nine Arch Bridge


In the misty highland of Sri Lanka is Ella, a lush green village with jaw-dropping views all around. Its landscape is dotted with mountains, valleys, and features Sri Lanka’s most famous railway line. The waterfalls of Ella are the most beautiful. On a clear night, the distant glow of the Great Basses lighthouse on the south coast is visible from Ella. And, at times, you can even see the Uda Walawe National Park. Situated in the tea country, with a 1000m elevation, its tea plantations in Ella thrive all around. Fresh mountain air and the mild climate make Ella a quiet scenic retreat for any weary raveler. There are plenty of mountain treks for a lovely walking holiday.

Hidden Gems

  • Flying Ravana zip-line extends more than half a kilometer, with 80kmph speed.
  • Ella Wala Falls is a single drop 5m waterfall with a natural swimming pool right below.
  • Ella Spice Garden, with its thousands of spice varieties, can make you a spice connoisseur.
  • Halpewatte Tea Factory is for tea lovers to watch and learn how tea is processed.

Best Times to Visit

Ella is a year-round destination. September to December is the rainy season.



Top Attractions

Ella Rock

Ella Rock

The summit of Ella Rock provides the perfect vantage point. It offers stunning views of surrounding hills and the plains below. It is the best hiking destination in Ella.

Little Adams Peak

Little Adams Peak

This miniature version of the famous Adam’s Peak pilgrim mountain is easy to climb. The top offers phenomenal views of the Ella Gap and the Ella Rock.

The Nine Arches Bridge

The Nine Arches Bridge

This viaduct bridge is an architectural feat from the colonial era. This 80ft high railway bridge provides the most remarkable Ella Sri Lanka train experience.

Diyaluma Falls

Diyaluma Falls

It is Sri Lanka’s 2nd highest waterfall. It is a sheer 220m cascade of water with natural pools at different levels for some of the world’s best scenic swimming.

Ravana Falls

Ravana Falls

Legend has it that King Ravana hid princess Sita in the cave behind the waterfall. It is one of the widest falls in Sri Lanka and is 25m high. You can visit its cave too.

Lipton Seat

Lipton Seat

This gorgeous viewpoint is where Thomas Lipton first planted the seeds of Sri Lanka’s most famous export, Lipton tea. It is the best view of hill country tea estates.

Where to Shop in Ella

Ella is a small village and does not have many shops and boutiques, but it is an ideal place to shop for good quality tea.

Where to Eat in Ella

All fantastic treats for the hungry:

  • Ceylon Tea Factory
  • Café Chill
  • Dream Café
  • Ella 360
  • Matey Hut
  • Curd Shop
  • Jade Green

Top Accommodations

Explore where you enjoy a comfortable stay during your explorations.

98 Acres Resort & Spa<br />

98 Acres Resort & Spa

The uniquely designed resort blends well with nature, and consists of charming chalets mostly made of recyclable substance. Discarded railway sleepers are put to good use in the making of decks and walls at the resort. Rough, hewn granite lend simple elegance to the floors of chalets adorned with thatched roofs of ‘Illuk’ straw that adds to their rustic beauty. The exquisite country side, breathtaking views and exciting nature trails will assure you of a memorable holiday at one of the most breathtaking Ella hotels in the region.
Thamara Villa Wilpattu

Nine Skies

Promising far-reaching hill country views, our stylishly refurbished five-bedroom tea bungalow hotel is majestically perched on a tea-fringed hill near Ella. Dating back to the colonial era, the bungalow epitomises its legacy yet indulges discerning guests with contemporary facilities and high-end personalised service – be pampered by our butlers, feast on gourmet food and dip into a garden pool with stunning views across the valley and famous Demodera Loop.
Hide Ella

Hide Ella Resort

HIDE Ella is a unique and exceptional designed luxury hotel that is built into a 60-degree slope in the Ella Gap. Offering breathtaking views we invite you to an unforgettable stay in Ella. We offer luxurious accommodation designed with the utmost comfort and style.
This would be an ideal place to spend your holidays during your leisure time. Our luxury hotel in Ella gives you a calm and quiet environment that touches your heart with the serenity of human life with real nature at its core.
Jasper Leopard Wilpattu

The Mountain Heavens

After the most enriching train ride you are now in for a rewarding stay at one of the finest venues in beautiful Ella. Mountain Heavens Resort is blessed with view handpicked by nature her self. Placed strategically on the right side of the hotel is the mighty Ella Rock, which bears testimony to the great Hindu epic the Ramayana and Little Adam’s Peak on the left with its beautiful view, both so close you might want to touch them and certainly the much talked of Ella Gap panoramically poised between with its spectacular view right up to the southern coast.