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It is the jewel of southern Sri Lanka’s coast. From whale watching to surfing, Mirissa offers a lot more than you know. Located between Galle and Tangalle, this laid-back seaside town offers the right balance of excitement and beach solitude. Its beautiful bay makes a stunning crescent beach, and dense coconut palms fringe its edges. Mirissa whale watching is the most anticipated experience as it sits alongside one of the world’s great cetacean migratory routes. It is the best place to see blue whales and sperm whales in Sri Lanka. Spinner dolphins too swim in its waters. Surfing conditions here are ideal, and it attracts pro-surfers and beginners alike. Mirissa nightlife is just as exhilarating!

Hidden Gems

  • Dondra Lighthouse is at the southernmost point of Sri Lanka and is near Mirissa.
  • Waters near the Mirissa reef are great for snorkelling and for spotting sea turtles.
  • Jet skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing are popular water sports to try out here.
  • Weligama beach is only 10 minutes away, and it is a fantastic surfing spot.
  • Mirissa beach near the lifeguard tower is a turtle hatching ground during some months.

Best Times to Visit

Mirissa is a year-round destination.



Top Attractions

Whale Watching Mirissa

Whale Watching

November to April is the whale watching season at Mirissa. There’s a 90% chance of spotting a variety of whales, dolphins, and turtles during this season.

Surfing Mirissa


Mirissa is Sri Lanka’s secret surf spot. Relaxed right-handers and gentle left-handers rise out of the bay here, while mellow waves welcome all abilities.

parrot rock mirissa

Parrot Rock Mirissa

On the eastern point of Mirissa beach is this small rock island. You have to walk through the water for about 50 feet and once atop, its views all around.

Secret Beach Mirissa

Secret Beach

This secluded beach is worth the not-so-easy effort to reach it. You can take a shortcut through clusters of trees to emerge on to this Instagrammable beach.

Coconut Tree Hills

Coconut Tree Hill

It is a hilltop covered with coconut trees. Sunset views here are simply amazing. If you can’t catch the sunset, be there early morning to avoid crowds.

turtles mirissa

Turtle Watching

The area in and around Mirissa provides a sanctuary for sea turtles to visit and lay eggs. Polhena, Koggala, and Habaraduwa have turtle hatcheries.

Where to Shop in Mirissa

Shop while sipping aromatic local coffee at Podi Kade, a souvenir shop. Buy Sri Lankan gems at Roosara, swimwear at Lazy Ride, and branded surf equipment at Dylan’s.

Where to Eat in Mirissa

Known for their quality seafood, Mirissa restaurants offer a range of dining options. Zephyr, Margherita Italiano, Little Tuna, Wood Space, Shady Lane, Dewmini Roti Shop, Sunset Bar, are R&R Hotspot top eateries here.

Top Accommodations

Explore where you enjoy a comfortable stay during your explorations.

Lantern Hotel Mirissa

Lantern Boutique Hotel by Reveal

Seamlessly poised on the Southern coast of Sri Lanka and combined with its panoramic scenery this beachfront villa can soothe your nerves and offer you a complete relaxation on your holiday. This villa features six large well-appointed bedrooms with neatly decorated private lounge spaces with lounge chairs to allow you to enjoy the scenery around.
Sri Sharavi Beach Villas<br />

Sri Sharavi Beach Villas

Let the murmur of the azure ocean waters and warm tropical sun escort you to a serene hideaway in a corner of the southern Sri Lankan coastal belt. Sri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa is the epitome of exclusivity. Refreshingly modern, yet consciously sustainable, it is truly unique among Mirissa hotels. Relax in southern beauty and be treated to exemplary comforts.
Beach House by Reveal Collection

Beach House by Reveal Collection

A far-flung escape from the hustle and bustle, The Beach House provides just the right amount of sun, sand and sea. Guided by tropical foliage from the entrance, step into your tranquil summer getaway and soak up the dazzling views from our main foyer before settling into your chic suite or diving into the refreshing pool waters of our boutique, beachfront villa in Mirissa.