Fishermans in Weligama


Weligama means ‘sandy village’ and is aptly named as it has one of the largest bays with sandy coves. It is the mecca of surf on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. If you are wondering whether to choose Weligama or Mirissa for your surfing holiday, you can have both, as they are very close to one another. You will find multiple surf schools and board rentals in the area. It is also famous for the iconic stilt-fishing of Sri Lanka. If you are not at all interested in the active beach life, the unspoilt beaches of the town make for luxurious lounging and placid relaxing. Weligama town is perfect for exploring history, culture, and for some first-class seafood cuisine.

Hidden Gems

  • Handunugoda Tea Estate produces 25 varieties of low-land tea, including White Virgin Tea.
  • Ahangama Beach has turquoise water with surf waves, sandy bays, and rocky outcrops.
  • Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum Complex contains artifacts from the author’s past.
  • WaterMelon Surf Club is a great place to learn surfing skills and rent surfboards.
  • Dondra Point accessible by Mirissa beach is a whale and dolphin watching hotspot.

Best Times to Visit

Weligama is a year-round destination.



Top Attractions

Sinharaja Rainforest


This island just offshore within low-tide walking distance was once the residence of Count de Mauny Talvande, who built his villa here in the 1920s.



Weligama surf season for pro-surfers is from November to April, but you can surf all year. Even in the low-season, you can catch friendlier waves.


Kushtaraja Gala

This Mahayana Buddhist site has a Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara statue, which is said to have healing powers, is carved into a massive rock-face.

Snake Farm

Snake Farm

The rescued snakes here range from non-poisonous to highly-venomous. A small Ayurveda centre for snake bites is also available within the premises.

Weligama Diving Center

Weligama Bay Dive Centre

Discover fascinating undersea dive sites in and around Weligama accompanied by experienced diving guides. You can go on night dives too.

Midigama Beach

Midigama Beach

This surf beach offers a more serene experience. The entire village of Midigama spans across the stretch of the beach. Kiteboarding is also popular here.

Where to Shop in Weligama

While all main shopping activities are limited to Galle, Weligama has few options. Ceylon Sliders shop sells clothing items, accessories, and holiday essentials like mosquito repellents. Traditional lacework stalls along the road are a common sight here.

Where to Eat in Weligama

Here are some of the top restaurants in Weligama.

  • W15
  • Fish Point Weligama
  • Kaori Café
  • Aloha Home and Kitchen
  • AVM Cream House
  • Soul Café
  • Rotti Shop Weligama
  • Hangten Rooftop Restaurant
  • Froggy

Top Accommodations

Explore where you enjoy a comfortable stay during your explorations.


Weligama Bay Marriott Resort and Spa

A stay at Weligama Bay Marriott Resort & Spa is simply extraordinary. Marvel at the captivating beauty of Sri Lanka’s coast while enjoying 5-star hotel amenities, spectacular water views, year-round beach access, superb service and a prime location near whale watching, Mirissa Beach and surfing.
Cape Weligama

Cape Weligama

Cape Weligama is a member of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux association of unique hotels and restaurants owned and operated by independent entrepreneurs – most often families – who are passionate about their craft and deeply committed to forging warm, lasting relationships with their guests.
Malabar Hills

Malbar Hill

Malabar Hill is a contemporary boutique resort carved into the edge of the Sri Lankan forest. Immersed in the natural setting, the hotel offers a unique outdoor living experience to revive and transport guests a world away from the ordinary.