At a glance

In the misty highland of Sri Lanka is Ella, a lush green village with jaw-dropping views all around. Its landscape is dotted with mountains, valleys, and features Sri Lanka’s most famous railway line. The waterfalls of Ella are the most beautiful. On a clear night, the distant glow of the Great Basses lighthouse on the south coast is visible from Ella. And, at times, you can even see the Uda Walawe National Park. Situated in the tea country, with a 1000m elevation, its tea plantations in Ella thrive all around. Fresh mountain air and the mild climate make Ella a quiet scenic retreat for any weary raveler. There are plenty of mountain treks for a lovely walking holiday.

Hidden Gems

  • Flying Ravana zip-line extends more than half a kilometer, with 80kmph speed.
  • Ella Wala Falls is a single drop 5m waterfall with a natural swimming pool right below.
  • Ella Spice Garden, with its thousands of spice varieties, can make you a spice connoisseur.
  • Halpewatte Tea Factory is for tea lovers to watch and learn how tea is processed.

Where to Shop in Ella

Ella is a small village and does not have many shops and boutiques, but it is an ideal place to shop for good quality tea.

Where to Eat in Ella

Ceylon Tea Factory, Café Chill, Dream Café, Ella 360, Matey Hut, Curd Shop, and Jade Green are all fantastic treats for the hungry.

The Route


Best Times to Visit

Ella is a year-round destination. September to December is the rainy season.