At a glance

Hatton is emerald green. The landscape is a green blanket of tea plantations, clumps of thick green forests, waterfalls, and manicured lawns of colonial tea planter bungalows. There is no end to the beautiful places in Hatton. From the mystic Adam’s Peak to Castlereigh Reservoir, this highland countryside resembles idyllic sceneries from a fairytale. The landscape veils itself in a mist in the mornings, clearing away for the crisp air, ideal for walks, hikes, and cycling. Its tea estates are its crowning glory, and it is the home of the most famous plantations, such as Maskeliya, Talawakelle, Bogawantalawa, and Dickoya. The road from Hatton to Nuwara Eliya has the most panoramic views mesmerising to see passing by.

Hidden Gems

  • Devon Falls is known as the ‘Veil of the Valley’ and cascades down from 318ft in height.
  • Rothschild Tea Estate is one of the oldest in Sri Lanka and is synonymous with superior blends.
  • Sri Bhakta Hanuman Temple has an 18ft tall Statue of Lord Hanuman, the tallest in Sri Lanka.
  • The 1845 Holy Trinity Church that sits atop a hillock was visited by Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Norwood Tea Estate has been growing and manufacturing tea for over a century.

Where to Shop in Hatton

You can buy the best tea in Sri Lanka in Hatton, but other shopping whims will have to wait till you get to a more cosmopolitan town.

Where to Eat in Hatton

Tea Hills, Railway Lodge, The Kiwis, Hill Cool, Zesta Tea Cup, Edinburgh Tea Train, Lake View Pub, Hotel Olevia, The Sizzle, and Adam’s Peak Inn are the top ten restaurants in Hatton to dine from the best menus.

The Route


Best Times to Visit

It is a year-round destination. January to April is relatively dry and warmer.