At a glance

Jaffna is Sri Lanka’s northernmost peninsula city that had restricted travel for decades due to the civil war. Today, it is a major cultural attraction. Its Hindu tradition and Jaffna history and culture have given rise to some of the most vibrant monuments, temples, and historic sites. It is still catching on as a tourist destination, and due to this reason, Jaffna is a less crowded place. You are in for absolute amazement at how different it is to the rest of the country. Southern Indian traditions have placed a strong influence on its predominantly Tamil population. It is one of the most authentic places which has managed to preserve its identity despite the war that ravaged.

Hidden Gems

  • Jaffna library is a classic example of Jaffna architecture style.
  • Casuarina Beach is the best Jaffna beach with its white sand and casuarina trees.
  • Jaffna Market is a colourful congregation of northern produce, especially palmyra products.
  • Point Pedro is the northernmost point in Sri Lanka and the closest place to India.
  • Delft Island has wild horses, an ancient Baobab tree, and a colonial fort made form coral.

Where to Shop in Jaffna

There are no stylish shops, but the street vendors and markets sell juicy Jaffna mangoes, sweets, palmyra products, and fresh produce.

Where to Eat in Jaffna

Mangos, Malayan Café, Cosy Restaurant, Green Grass, Jaffna Heritage hotel, and Hotel Rolex, are favourites among Jaffna food lovers.

The Route

Best Times to Visit

While April is the hottest month here, the rest of the year is pleasant enough for a visit.