At a glance

Negombo town is the closest attraction to the Bandaranaike International Airport. It provides the most convenient break for weary travellers who first arrive in Sri Lanka. It is not a destination many take time to explore, perhaps due to its proximity to the airport. Negombo has some of the best beaches on the west coast of the island. Negombo became strategic for cinnamon trade during the Dutch period, and the European influence is very much still visible here. The town has an exquisite collection of churches,    and it is a reflection of the town’s strong catholic influence. And if you thought, this seaside town is all about beaches; wait till you discover the Negombo lagoon.

Hidden Gems

  • Duwa is a fishing island connected to the mainland and hosts the famous Easter passion play.
  • Duwa coral reef is a diving destination for marine life, a famous plane wreck, and a shipwreck.
  • Angurukaramulla is a Buddhist temple with murals, ruins, statues, and carvings.
  • Lellama sells some of the freshest fish with the catch of the day hauled straight in.
  • Sebastian church is a Gothic Revival style Catholic church attracting many visitors.

Where to Shop in Negombo

Negombo Plaza, Cartier Jewels, Diana Souvenirs, and Tea Tone are places to check out while you are there. Just a short drive to Colombo will get you everything you need.

Where to Eat in Negombo

While a Negombo hotel will serve all your culinary wishes, Mr. Burger, Tusker, Sea View, Port Beach Restaurant & Pub, Dolce Vita, Simply Strawberry, and Lords serve local and international dishes.

The Route

Best Times to Visit

Negombo is a year-round destination.