Delish Culinary

The exotic aromas of Sri Lankan cuisine are distinctively delectable. Rice and curry is the staple, while food from Southeast Asia has their own identities here, thanks to its multi-ethnic heritage. European colonisation also brought food from far and wide, and the country became a territory for their cultivation too. It is how Sri Lanka came to produce some of the best quality tea in the world. As a spice-growing nation, the island has an abundance of spices from cinnamon to cloves, which contributes to flavoursome food. Local food varieties like jack, breadfruit, cassava, and green leaves have created dishes, both authentic and unique. However, Sri Lanka also excels in international cuisine, and many high-end restaurants serve a range of food from all parts of the world. Indian food also shares in Sri Lanka’s food scene, while Jaffna food has its signature flavour. Fusion food and traditional delicacies like milk rice, Kavum, Kokis, Aasmi are a real treat. Kottu Sri Lanka is the national favourite.

Tips to remember

  • Sri Lankan food is spicier than what you are used to
  • If you have allergies, ask about the ingredients
  • Do not try street food without guided recommendation
  • Drink bottled water or filtered water