Weddings in the Sun

As far as exotic wedding destinations go, Sri Lanka trumps all other. You can get married on its golden beaches, jungle settings, colonial mansions, and stylish hotels of all calibre. A budget wedding in Sri Lanka will even offer you colourful and rhythmic traditional dancers, drummers, and blessing singers. If not, have the wedding of your dreams, the way you want, in the most beautiful tropical backdrop. Just make sure to have stayed in Sri Lanka for five days or longer before the official ceremony. Sri Lanka’s marriage law is British, and if your country has a different legal system, please review it before making it official here. You can get your marriage certificate in the English language too. Sri Lanka celebrates all marriages, whether it is Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, or Muslim. So, you can choose to have a religious ceremony if you prefer. A wedding in Sri Lanka is a stress-free affair, as it will be planned for you by a destination wedding team.

Tips to remember

  • Hire a destination wedding tour operator
  • Research your chosen destination
  • Inform guests in advance
  • Check availability for your guests to book-in
  • Work out your budget
  • Learn about legal technicalities