Yoga and Meditation

Sri Lanka is all about the best things in life in one tiny place. Yoga, just like Ayurveda, has a special place here, its authenticity and Vedic tradition intact. Yoga and meditation need tranquility and gratifying natural beauty, and the island provides them both with Yoga retreats Sri Lanka scattered along its glorious coast to its wilderness havens. Yoga is a more holistic experience here that focuses on both physical and spiritual wellbeing rather than the watered-down versions that heavily rely on its physical aspect. Sunrise yoga on the beach or meditating in repose overlooking verdant hills, guided by skilled teachers enhances the experience of attaining serenity. Even the cuisine served in most yoga retreats are made for healthier and wholesome dining in par with Ayurvedic practices that go hand in hand with yoga. You can include other activities to go with your yoga holiday, even surfing, and Soul and Surf Sri Lanka is one such example.

Tips to remember

  • Find places with qualified yoga teachers
  • Do not be discouraged by the disciplined regime
  • Add other activities to your itinerary
  • Go sightseeing for more inspiration
  • Read about yoga
  • Travel with pro-yoga friends for support