Culinary Tour In Sri Lanka

Food and People – two of our favorite things to show to our clients. Culinary Tour with Blue Lanka Tours is all about experiencing the hidden art of cooking and the amazingly delicious food. Equally, the people behind the wooden fired cooking place brings all the warmth you need in order to understand the culinary culture in Sri Lanka. It’s all smiles, spices, and good food all along this tour. The best-kept secrets of Sri Lankan cooking and the unique culinary skills of the island are revealed on this Lifestyle Travel Experience, the Sri Lankan Culinary
On this Sri Lankan culinary journey, you may forget about moderation. Relax on the beach, cool down in the mountains, and explore the city’s bustling streets and different local cuisine experiences in a truly diverse and multi cultural Sri Lanka. Discover the secrets of Sri Lankan cuisine by savouring melt-in-the-mouth delicacies, cooking seafood fresh from the hands of a fisherman and spending time with friendly natives eager to share their knowledge. There’s plenty of time to take in Sri Lanka’s multi ethnic culture, including its magnificent temples, historic forts, and lush countryside. A journey of the senses awaits.

At a glance

Trip length

15 days

When to go

November to March


Airport – Hotel – Tour attractions – Airport

Picture your self

Cooking with diversified locals from different ethnicities

Enjoying different Village Tours

Local Market Hopping

Visiting UNESCO sites

Not to miss in this tour

canoeingNever miss to notice the differently flavours of Sri Lankan cuisine in the different areas

sunsetLocal food stalls/markets/ street stalls

birdsSunset in Mirissa

trailsSeafood in Negombo and Mirissa

Negombo Beach
Day 1 BIA To Negombo

Airport Pickup & Transfer to Negombo
Overnight stay in Negombo

Welcome to the paradise island – Sri Lanka. You are in of the greatest culinary experience in your life with Blue Lanka Tours. Relax first, and let’s begin the excitement tomorrow.

Negombo Fish Market
Day 2 Negombo

Enjoy Lagoon Escape in Negombo.
Visit a Local Fish Market – ‘Lellama’.
Take a Catamaran Boat Ride. Get an opportunity for a Fishing session in the Lagoon.
Visit a Fishing Village.
Cook and Taste Your Day’s Catch with a Local Village Woman Overnight stay in Negombo

In the morning, you will be picked up from your hotel after a delightful breakfast and you will begin your boat excursion in Negombo lagoon or sea. Pick choose a seafood item of your choice and cook it yourself later in the day at the local fish market in the morning. Catamaran Boat Ride and Lagoon Fishing Session with Local Guidance and Sri Lankan Fishing Techniques are the next two activities on the itinerary. A small town may be reached after a fishing trip through the Mangroves.
You’ll meet a local family in the village and work with them to cook the seafood that you bought from the market earlier that day. They’ll show you the ropes. Afterwards, you’ll return to the hotel after sharing a home-cooked lunch with a local family. Unwind in the hotel and be ready for tomorrow road trip to the North.

Jaffna Fish Market
Day 3 Negombo To Jafna

Transfer to Jaffna
En Route visit an Agro Farm in Nochchiyagama
Enjoy a delicious lunch made out of organic vegetables which were
harvested right from the farm

Overnight stay in Jaffna

Visit an Agro Farm in Nochchiyagama while you’re on your way. As part of the facility, you may view organic agricultural demonstrations in the form of plots, nurseries and seed banks. Once done, enjoy a farm-fresh meal crafted with locally sourced organic ingredients.
Afterwards, make your way to Jaffna, where you’ll spend the night.

Nainativu or Nagadeepa
Day 4  Jaffna

Morning visit Nagadeepa Temple by Boat
Relax at The Hotel
Get an Opportunity to Taste Some Toddy (Palm Wine) Which Is Popular In Jaffna
Overnight Stay in Jaffna

Nallur Kandaswamy Temple in Sri Lanka
Day 5 Jaffna

Morning Visit to a Local Market
Experience a Cookery Session with the Ingredients you Buy from the Market Tour
Enjoy a Freshly Made Lunch
Rock Your Taste Buds with a Rio Ice-Cream
Exploration of Jaffna City – Nallur Kandasamy Kovil, Naga Pooshani Amabal Kovil, Kadurugoda Temple
Overnight stay in Jaffna

Day 04 & 05 you will be spending your days in North of Sri Lanka- Jaffna, enjoying the different atmosphere, culture, cookery class and even get to experience the infamous Ice-cream joint that every local in Sri Lanka never miss to have when in Jaffna, – RIO ICE-CREAM!!!
You will also get to walk to a local market to buy your fresh goods to prepare you fresh lunch. During these two days, you will also get to visit and explore the highlights of Jaffna, Nallur Kandasamy Kovil, Naga Pooshani Amabal Kovil and Kadurugoda Temple.

Jaffna Fort
Day 6 Jaffna to Habarana

Morning Visit to Jaffna Library
Later Visit to Jaffna Fort
Transfer to Habarana
Evening Enjoy a Hoppers Night at a Kamatha
Overnight stay in Habarana

You will bid goodbye to an amazing Northern Culinary Experience but head towards the cultural triangle in Sri Lanka. On your way, you’ll be taken to the Jaffna Fort, which is mostly in ruins, on the route. The Dutch constructed one of Asia’s most impressive fortresses here in Jaffna. Once you reach Habarana you will enjoy a Hoppers Evening at Kamatha – a local dining joint. You will relax the night in Habarana amidst the beautiful lush greens.

Day 7 Habarana

Experience a Sri Lankan Village Tour
Enjoy a Cooking and Tasting Traditional Lunch with a Farmer’s Family
Evening Exploration of Sigiriya Rock Fortress
Overnight stay in Habarana

Tooth Relic of Buddha in Kandy
Day 8 Habarana To Kandy

Transfer to Kandy
En Route Visit to Dambulla Cave Temple
Visit a Spice Garden in Matale and Experience a Demonstration About the Use of Traditional Sri Lankan Spices
Blessings at Kandy Tooth Relic Temple
Overnight stay in Kandy

On Day 07 enjoy a Village Tour in Sigiriya which offers you the rural routes to head to a village where you would find local women getting ready to prepare an authentic Lankan Meal. Once done, in the evening you will be climbing the Sigiriya Rick Fortress to watch the beautiful Sunset. You will conclude your Day 07 and on Day 08 you will be heading to Kandy.
On your way to Kandy, visit Dambulla Cave Temples. Dambulla is a well-known tourist attraction in Sri Lanka. UNESCO has designated Dambulla’s famed cave temple complex, which dates from the 2nd century BC, as a world historic site. Dambulla has around 80 caverns, some of which are utilized by monks for meditation. The Famous Rock Temple is divided into five caverns that house 153 exquisite Buddha sculptures, three statues of Sri Lankan rulers, and four Hindu deities.

Next, stop at a Spice Garden to learn about real Sri Lankan spices. You will be given a guided tour of the spice garden, where you will learn about the unique plants, spices, and herbs that have been utilised for medicine and culinary purposes in Sri Lanka since ancient times.
Once you reach Kandy, visit Kandy Temple Of The Tooth – another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rest you night in Kandy City.

Rail Tours Sri Lanka
Day 9 Kandy to Bandarawela

Today you will get the opportunity to learn about the Sri Lankan authentic sweets which are normally made at occasions/seasons
Take a Scenic Train Ride to Bandarawela
Relax at The Hotel
Overnight Stay in Bandarawela

Mackwoods Tea Sign in Nuwara Eliya
Day 10 Bandarawela

Morning Visit to a Working Tea Plantation and a Tea Factory
Get Hands on Experience of Tea Plucking with The Estate Tea Workers
Observe the Entire Tea Making Process and Taste a Freshly Brewed Ceylon Tea
Afternoon Savour a Home-Cooked Lunch with a local family
Overnight Stay in Bandarawela

Day 09 & 10 Take a scenic train ride from Kandy to Bandarawela. Before you head to Banadarawela, you will get the opportunity to learn and taste Sri Lankan Authentic Sweets which are not always readily available, but prepared for
seasonal festivals.
Visit a Team Plantation and Tea Factory. Experience a tea plucking with Estate Tea Workers and Pluckers and enjoy sometime in the estate. Here- you will always get to see Ceylon Tea making – the process and effort taken to ensure the highest quality tea in the world.
In the Afternoon head to enjoy a home cooked lunch and a local family in the area. You will spend you night 10th night in Banadarawela.

Sri Lankan rice & curry for lunch
Day 11 Bandarawela to Yala

Transfer to Yala
Enjoy a Delicious Farmer’s Lunch
Experience Curd and Treacle Tasting
Afternoon Jeep Safari in Yala National Park
Overnight Stay in Yala

A Farmer’s lunch awaits you in Yala when you’re arriving in Yala from Banadarawela. You will have a curd and treacle tasting – a infamous Sri Lankan dessert option. In the afternoon, enjoy the Safari in Yala National Park.

Coconut Tree Hill
Day 12 Yala to Mirissa

Transfer to Mirissa
Enjoy Fisherman’s Cooking Demonstration and Lunch
Evening Take a Stroll Along the Mirissa Beach
Visit to Coconut Tree Hill to Witness Sunset
Overnight Stay in Mirissa

Giant's Loop
Day 13 Mirissa

Whale Watching Tour in Mirissa
Relax By The Beach
Late Evening Enjoy a Seafood Dinner
Overnight Stay in Mirissa

Day 12 & 13 – Once you’re transferred from Yala to Mirissa on day 13, you will spend the next two nights in Mirissa. Whilst you are in Mirissa, you will visit the Coconut Tree Hill for sunset stunning views and a leisurely stroll on the beach.
You will also get to enjoy a meal at a Fisherman’s cookery class. Next day, Experience a once in a lifetime whale watching session in Mirissa sea. Once you return, enjoy an evening Seafood special dinner in Mirissa. Enjoy the night by the beach and relax.

Day 14 Mirissa to Colombo

Transfer to Colombo
En Route Exploration of Galle Fort
Enjoy a Street Food Tour in Colombo
Crab dinner at Ministry of Crabs
Overnight Stay in Colombo

Day 12 & 13 – Once you’re transferred from Yala to Mirissa on day 13, you will spend the next two nights in Mirissa. Whilst you are in Mirissa, you will visit the Coconut Tree Hill for sunset stunning views and a leisurely stroll on the beach.
You will also get to enjoy a meal at a Fisherman’s cookery class. Next day, Experience a once in a lifetime whale watching session in Mirissa sea. Once you return, enjoy an evening Seafood special dinner in Mirissa. Enjoy the night by the beach and relax.

Sri Lankan Airline
Day 15 Colombo to BIA

Airport Transfer

It’s never a good bye but a see you again.

Trail on the ground


Q. Is the cooking demonstration private or shared?
A. it is completely on private basis.

Q. How long it would take to travel to Jaffna from Negombo?
A. It’s a quite long drive about 07 ½ hours.

Q. Is it easy to find vegetarian food?
A. Most of the hotels and restaurants have a vegetarian menu. Most of the Indian restaurants are 100% vegetarian.

Q. Where can I buy a local sim card?
A. Local mobile operators have counters at Bandaranayake International Airport and upon arrival, you can buy a local sim card.

Real people, real views

How they experienced it

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Insightful Tips

  • Bring your cameras for the best food photography.
  • Jaffna inherently has a quite warm weather – bring your comfy cotton clothes.
  • Lagoon fishing will bring the sun directly on you – sunscreens are a must.
  • Binoculars are a must when in the Wild and the Sea.

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