Hiking & Trekking Tour In Sri Lanka

Most tourists have at least fantasised about going hiking in Sri Lanka at some time. Even the country’s name conjures up visions of lush, green jungle, rolling mountains, tropical fauna, and blue sea. That is evident in the greatest trekking in Sri Lanka. Back in 2019, Lonely Planet called it “the greatest nation in the world” for travelers to visit. On top of that, they praised its “rich and accessible fauna,” surf culture, and people’s warmth.


Adam’s Peak
7km, 2.5-4 hours, moderate

The pilgrimage season, which starts on the poya (full moon) day in December and lasts until the Vesak holiday in May, attracts the majority of hikers. Pilgrims begin trekking at 2 a.m. to reach the peak before daylight, but you may begin the climb from Dalhousie shortly after nightfall to avoid crowds, which slow movement to a crawl on poya days. At the peak, gather your breath as you watch the sunrise light Sri Lanka like a blessing, then pay your respects at the Buddha, Shiva, or Adam’s rock footprint (depending on which legend you subscribe to).

Little Adam’s Peak and Ella Rock
4.5km to 10km, half-day, easy

Begin your adventures with a 4.5km round trip to Little Adam’s Peak, a verdant knoll with spectacular views of waterfalls and tea factories glistening in the mist that cloaks the surrounding hills. The 10km hike to Ella Rock is more difficult, but also more rewarding; a steady ascent through typical highland terrain begins immediately on the railway rails at Ella Station. The last hike through eucalyptus groves will bring you to the summit of a rocky
outcrop with breathtaking views of the surrounding hills.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve
Distances vary, 2-3 hours, easy

Sinharaja Forest Reserve, the country’s biggest lowland rainforest, is a biodiverse paradise bordered by rivers and bustling with forest animals, including rare mammals and 147 bird species, including 33 species found exclusively in Sri Lanka. Sinharaja is only accessible by foot, not by vehicle, and requires a guide to keep you safe amid the deep and humid jungle. Stay close to enter the park early in the morning before the tour groups come from the shore, when the paths are calm and the wildlife is most active.

Horton Plains & World’s End
9.5km, three hours, easy

Horton Plains National Park is one of the few parks where tourists may walk alone, but there is no public transportation, so you must organise a drop-off and pick-up in Nuwara Eliya or Ohiya. After a 4km journey over the plateau, the ground abruptly drops down to World’s End. When the weather is good, the views of the lowlands drifting below are spectacular, but come early in the morning to avoid crowds and clouds. The route circles back to the beautiful Baker’s Falls before returning to the national park entrance at Far Inn, so the 9.5km round journey will take you around three hours.
The abrupt drop-off at the end of the Horton Plains, which looks out over one of Sri Lanka’s most jaw-dropping panoramas, is known as World’s End in Sri Lanka. When we say ‘plains,’ we mean an undulating plateau over 2,000 meters high, dotted with untamed grasses, rocky outcrops, filigree waterfalls, hazy lakes, and pockets of dense forest filled with wildlife.

The Knuckles
Distances vary, 1-2 days, hard

The name ‘Knuckles’ originates from the contour of these rugged peaks, which from a distance resemble a clenched fist. The majority of visitors come on two-day camping excursions from Kandy, visiting the little villages and terraced paddy fields in the foothills before ascending to the high massif. Typically, agencies go from east to west across the park, resting overnight in safari tents and stopping at waterfalls and caves along the route. Bring a bird book; close encounters with several of the park’s 128 bird species are almost inevitable.

Head to the thickly wooded Knuckles Range northeast of Kandy to get off the beaten path in Sri Lanka. This steep mountain is part of the Unesco-designated Peak Wilderness Protected Area, which was established to safeguard the island’s endangered montane and cloud forests. Hiking in the Knuckles Range will likely expose you to more locals than visitors, as well as more buffaloes, monkeys, and birds than humans. With luck, you could even see a leopard or a wild elephant among the misty vegetation. However, guides are required, but we have got your

Distances vary, 1-2 days, moderate

Meemure is the most remote village in Sri Lanka, therefore don’t attempt to conquer it in a
single day. Hikes lasting more than two days are easier for experienced hikers. To get to
Meemure, go to the Knuckles Range and follow the route there. Whatever path you choose,
the major attraction is the sharp peak that towers above the village.

At a glance

Trip length

15 days

When to go

November to May


Airport – Hotel – Tour attractions – Airport

Picture your self

At the top of Knuckles

Witnessing the sun rise from Adam’s Peak

In Meemure – one of the most beautiful villages in LK

Trekking through Sinharaja Rainforest

Not to miss in this tour


Sunrise from the top of Adam’s Peak

sunsetSunset from Pidurangala

birdsThe stunning fields, village views from Knuckles

trailsDifferent bird species in Sinharaja

Negombo Beach
Day 1 BIA To Negombo

Airport Pickup & Transfer to Negombo
Overnight stay in Negombo

Welcome to the paradise island – Sri Lanka. You are in of the greatest adventure in your life with Blue Lanka Tours, Hiking and Trekking Tour. Relax first, and let’s begin the adventure tomorrow.

Day 2 Negombo to Sigirya

Transfer to Habarana
En Route Visit to Ridee Viharaya
Later Visit to Arankele Monastery
Evening Pay a Visit to Dambulla Cave Temple
Overnight stay in Sigiriya

Wake up, have breakfast and let’s set off for Sigiriya. En route, don’t miss Ride Viharaya and Arankele Buddhist Monastery. Unique in its own peaceful surrounding and a place of peace and comfort to the restless travellers. Once you are transferred to Dambulla, take the excursion to the Dambulla Caves Temple, a temple packed with history going back to centuries. Check in to the hotel, and enjoy the night stay in Sigirya.

Day 3 Sigiriya

Morning Exploration of Sigiriya Rock Fortress
Get Yourself Pampered with a Herbal Foot Massage
Afternoon Jeep Safari in Minneriya National Park
Overnight stay in Sigiriya

Morning climb the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Once proclaimed as the 8th Wonder of The World, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site this Rock Fortress boasts truly impeccable history. Next, its pamper time. The herbal foot massage is a highlight and a must do when in Sigirya. Relax and late afternoon get ready to watch the Elephant Gathering in Minneriya National Park. Return back from the wild and spend you night at the hotel.

Knuckles Mountain Range
Day 4  Sigiriya to Knuckles

Experience a Sri Lankan Village Tour
Transfer to Knuckles
Check-Into The Hotel and Relax
Evening Corbet’s Gap Trek
Overnight stay in Knuckles

Village tour is not your usual. It’s taking you down the rural life. From sitting with locals and enjoying a culinary experience and cruising down the village in a catamaran, its a slice of life in Sri Lanka. Once done, transfer to Knuckles, the hills are so much alive with stunning flora & fauna. Relax first and then proceed to take the evening Corbet’s Gap Trek. Remeber the leech socks before you set trek.

Day 5 Knuckles

Early Morning Start High Knuckles Trek
Trek Through Tea Plantations And Forests To Summit The Highest Point Of The Knuckles Range
Relax at The Campsite
Overnight Stay in Knuckles

Start your day early, with a hike to High Knuckles. It is not over there, proceed to trek to the highest view point of the Knuckles Range through Tea Plantations and Forests. Nature will astound you in many different ways. Always gear up with your cameras. Return back to the campsite and relax and rejuvenate.

Lakegala Peak in Meemure
Day 6 Knuckles to Kandy

Transfer to Kandy
En Route Visit Remote Village of Meemure
Enjoy Lunch at a Local Village House
Overnight Stay in Kandy

Check put and take off to Kandy. En route visit Meemure, a remote village at the foot of Knuckles, hidden from the world surrounded by a few inhabitants. Visit a local village house, and have the most humble meal made by a family. Transfer to Kandy – the sacred city of central Sri Lanka and unwind for your night.

Tooth Relic of Buddha in Kandy
Day 7 Kandy

Morning Trek in Hanthana
Trek to Uragala; Katusu Kanda and Knife Edge
Evening Blessings at Tooth Relic Temple of Kandy
Overnight Stay in Kandy

Morning transfer to Hanthana to trek the mountain to trek Uragala; Katusu Kanda and Knife Edge. Stunning views are made to take your breath away. Brace yourself for a jaw dropping experience. Transfer back in time for the Evening Scared Ceremony – Thevava Pooja in Kandy Temple of the Tooth.

Day 8 Kandy to Nallathanni

Transfer to Nallathanni
En Route Visit to Ambuluwawa Tower
Check-Into The Hotel and Relax
Night Climb The Holy Mountain: Adam!s Peak (Around 02:00 AM)

Get transferred to Nallathanni. Drop in to climb up the infamous Ambuluwawa Tower – so narrow yet so exciting at the top of it. Worth the climb and the heart pounding experience – this is one of the most insta-famous attractions in Sri Lanka. Gear up for the night climb on the Holy Mountain – Adam’s Peak.

Beautiful Places in Nuwara Eliya
Day 9 Nallathanni to Nuwaraeliya

Enjoy The Stunning Sunrise on The Top
Climb Down the Adam!s Peak Early Morning
Transfer to Nuwara Eliya
En Route Witness St. Clair and Devon Waterfalls (Sightseeing Only)
Check-Into The Hotel and Relax
Overnight Stay in NuwaraEliya

Witness source at the top of Adam’s Peak. Truly speechless moment and a unique experience for all hike lovers. Climb down and take the scenic drive to Nuwara Eliya. Sightsee the St. Clair and Devon Waterfall. Check in to the hotel and relax – you’ve had a long day adventurers.

Nuwaraeliya in Sri Lanka
Day 10 Nuwaraeliya

Morning Trek to Horton Plains
Visit to a Working Tea Plantation and a Tea Factory
Drive Through Little England
Overnight Stay in Nuwara Eliya

Early morning transfer to Horton Plains. A stunning trek through a 9.5km trail. You will encounter beautiful sambar deer, and if you’re very lucky a Leoprad sighting can be truly fascinating. Once done with Horton Plains, you will be taken to a Tea Plantation and a Factory visit to experience the making of Ceylon Tea. Rest and Relax at the hotel. Evening drive through Little England – a landscape with English cottages. Enjoy a chilly yet warm overnight cozy stay in Nuwara Eliya.

Nine Arch Bridge in Demodara
Day 11 NuwaraEliya to Ella

Take a Scenic Train Ride to Ella
Visit to Nine Arch Bridge
Relax at The Hotel
Overnight Stay in Ella

Nuwara Eliya to Ella train is the most scenic train ride in Sri Lanka. Take a this train and arrive at Ella. Visit the 9 arches bridge and spend time at the Ella town. Reset and reset for tomorrow.

Ella Rock
Day 12 Ella

Morning Hike to Ella Rock
Relax at The Hotel
Late Evening Culinary and Dining Experience at a Typical Local Place
Overnight Stay in Ella

Hike to Ella Rock for the sunrise through the mountains. Return to the hotel to enjoy hotel amenities. Evening, engage in a unique culinary experience in Ella. Have your meals which you prepared and savour your Lankan Rice Plate.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve
Day 13 Ella to Sinharaja

Morning Hike to Little Adam’s Peak
Transfer to Sinharaja
Check-Into The and Relax
Night Trail in Sinharaja Rainforest
Overnight Stay in Sinharaja

Hike the Little Adam’s Peak in the morning and transfer to Sinharaja. Sinharaja is one of the most dense and rich in wildlife rainforest in Sri Lanka therefore, you are not to miss this in your trekking tour. Once relaxed, evening Night Trail will be arranged in the Forest. A special trekking guide will assist you here to spot the nocturnal animals. Return and spend your night, nestled at the mighty rainforest at the Eco Lodge.

Day 14 Sinharaja to Bentota

Trek to Sinharaja Rain Forest
Transfer to Bentota
Relax By The Beach
Overnight Stay in Bentota

Start your day with a break to Sinharaja Forest. Remeber to keep a lookout for those unique species of animals and the flora and fauna. Once done, your trekking tour concludes here setting off to the beaches. You will relax here before its time to leave. Enjoy the waves and the tropical heat at the beach.

Sri Lankan Airline
Day 15 Bentota to BIA

Airport Transfer

It’s never a good bye but a see you again. Your hike tour is not done but we have covered most of it. But in your next tour to Sri Lanka, Blue Lanka Tours will assist you with yet another breathtaking trekking and hiking itinerary. Until then, take care!

Trail on the ground


Q. When is the best time to go to Adams Peak?
A. The pilgrim season normally starts from full moon poya day of December till full moon poya day of the month of May.

Q. What to bring?
A. Sun Burn Lotions, Insect Repellent, Leach Socks, Rain Jacket, A small Torch, Sports Shoes & Light Costume

Q. Do the hotels have hot water showers?
A. Yes of course they do have.

Q. What kind of vehicle will be used?
A. We will provide you with a modern fully air-conditioned vehicle. It could be a car, a KDH van, or a mini coach based on the pax count.

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Insightful Tips

  • All your hiking/trekking gear
  • Leech socks are a must have especially when you are hiking in the Knuckles
  • You backpacks have to have the essentials, first aid/a few fruits/water/isotonic drinks
  • Bring long clothes to cover your hands and below your knees
  • A sweat shirt is a must
  • Binoculars is also a must have

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