Honeymoon in Sri Lanka

Looking for a way to relax and unwind after the pressures of wedding planning? A honeymoon in Sri Lanka offers couples an opportunity to loosen up by lounging beside many of the exotic coastal beaches, cuddling with a cup of tea amidst breathtaking views of the highlands, add spice to your holiday by exploring World Heritage Sites, hiking through tea plantations, and enjoying adventurous wildlife experiences all together to make up a memorable honeymoon tour. In addition to that, this little island filled with magic also offers an amazing selection of boutique hotels and luxury accommodation to pamper the happy couple! There you have all the reasons to choose Sri Lanka for your romantic getaway and fall in love all over again while enjoying the endless privileges that Sri Lanka offers for a perfect honeymoon vacation!


14 Days

Our honeymoon tour package consists of a romantic and luxurious two week holiday in Sri Lanka with your soul mate. The duration of the tour may vary by one night depending on your flight timings. The tour can also be customized if you wish to minimize or extend your stay in the country.

Price range

Our honeymoon package is priced at extremely affordable rates. Kindly send us an email if you are interested in this tour and we will get back to you with detailed pricing information. In your email please provide us with details regarding your period of travel as this will help us give you a more exact quotation.

Who can go on this tour?

Newlywed couples, married couples looking for a quick getaway from family life, or any dating couples are eligible for this tour. We have prepared this honeymoon tour itinerary in Sri Lanka particularly for those madly in love.


Day 1 & 2


Our representatives will meet you at the Bandaranaike International Airport and drive you to the capital city of Colombo. There you will check in to Paradise Road Tintagel for your first night in Sri Lanka.

The next day you can shop, relax and take a city tour of Colombo to catch glimpses of the city. Your next night will be at the same hotel in Colombo.

Day 3 & 4


On day three, you will be driven to the town of Tirapanne and on the way, you will visit the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. Your night stay will be at Ulagalla Resort in Tirapanne.

The following morning you may relax at the resort with your loved one and prepare yourself for a luxurious evening jeep safari at the Minneriya National Park. You will be driven back to Ulagalla Resort for your night stay.

Day 5 & 6


Upon checking out from the hotel on day five, you will be taken to visit the “Lion’s Rock” in Sigiriya and the Cave Temple in Dambulla. Your next stop will be in Kandy where you will check in to Kandy House for the night.

We have left day six free for you to relax at the hotel with your loved one. Your night stay will be at Kandy House.

Day 7 & 8

Nuwara Eliya

The next morning you will be taken to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy where you will obtain blessings from the Monks. A city tour of Kandy is lined up next, after which you will head towards the breathtaking town of Nuwara Eliya. After a stop at the Ramboda Water Falls, you will check in to Heritance Tea Factory for the night.

Day eight is another day of relaxation with your loved one at the luxury cosy hotel we have selected for your accommodation.

Day 9


Nuwara Eliya is also known as “Little England”. On day nine we will show you around Little England and then board you onto a train to the town of Ella. You get to enjoy this scenic train ride and then we will drive you to 98 Acres Resort and Spa for your overnight stay.

Day 10


On day ten, you will explore the “Little Adams Peak” as well as the Rawana Water Falls before departing to the city of Yala. You will be taken on a Jeep Safari in Yala and will sleep over at the Leopard Trails luxurious camping site.

Day 11 & 12


The last two days of your honeymoon tour will be at The Fortress Resort and Spa in the coastal town of Koggala, where you can indulge in the beautiful beach and go into total relaxation mode at the hotel with your beloved partner.

Day 13 & 14


After exploring the Galle Dutch Fort on day thirteen, you will head back to Colombo. Your night stay will be at Paradise Road Tintagel in Colombo.

Day fourteen will bring you to the end of this luxurious tour in Colombo with Blue Lanka Tours. You are free to further explore the city of Colombo if you have enough time to spare before your flight departure time. We hope this romantic itinerary was appealing to you.


Below is a list of lavish hotels selected for your accommodation along with website URL’s which you can visit for further information regarding the hotel:

Leopard Trails

Yala – Leopard Trails

Beach Hotel Sri Lanka

Koggala – TheFortress

Booking procedure

Interested culture lovers or vacationers interested in this tour can email us at [email protected]. In your email kindly mention details regarding travel period, budget and number of people travelling. Accordingly we will write up a detailed itinerary along with a quotation and get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

Honeymoon Tours in Sri Lanka

When planning a memorable honeymoon for our travelers, Blue Lanka tours emphasizes on keeping the itinerary easy, relaxing and flexible. We believe that cramming up too much activity in our honeymoon itinerary will ruin chances for couples to spend romantic evenings in each other’s company. A Sri Lanka honeymoon will let you indulge in the beauty of a diverse range of landscapes and therefore we focus on keeping things simple and flexible so that you can truly enjoy Mother Nature with your loved one.

Isolate yourself

The ideal solution for making your trip as romantic as possible is to stay away from all the distractions that bother you on a daily basis. Switch off your mobile phone and carry a camera instead to capture memories during sightseeing. Do not request for Wi-Fi facilities in your room; this will ensure you stay disconnected.

During your honeymoon in Sri Lanka, you will have a night or two in the small, yet stunning town of Ella located in the hill country, which is an ideal place to go into total isolation mode. Not only does it have the perfect, chilly climate but it also offers views that stretch all the way to the Southern coast of Sri Lanka. 98 Acres Resort and Spa is a massive resort with individual chalets overlooking the stunning landscape and this is where you will be spending your nights in Ella. 63 bird species reside in this area, making it an ideal spot for bird watching amidst splendid scenery while you are relaxing on your Sri Lanka honeymoon, away from the hustle bustle of your real life.

Spend some time indoors

Heritance Tea Factory is an exclusively designed hotel in Nuwara Eliya that was once a tea factory during the British Era. Keeping most of its features intact, the hotel gives a very cozy atmosphere with amazing views of the hill country from every room. Blue Lanka Tours schedules a night at this lovely hotel for all couples on a honeymoon in Sri Lanka. Give your honeymoon a twist by deciding to spend a day in bed, cuddling in each other’s arms and watching the sun rise and set from the same position. Order breakfast in bed and feel pampered with the extra special service given to you by the staff who are aware that you are on honeymoon. While the in room dining spread won’t be as large as that offered in the restaurant, the intimacy of eating in bed will make you feel more loving towards your partner. After having spent a day indoors, you will feel more energetic to see what the rest of your Sri Lanka honeymoon has in store for you!

Be flexible

As mentioned before, Blue Lanka Tours insists on keeping the itinerary for a honeymoon in Sri Lanka as simple and flexible as possible. We want to give couples the opportunity to explore the country together and make romantic memories to take back home. At every town/city, couples are given recommendations of tourist attractions but are also free to set out and explore sites on their own. Take loads of pictures, selfies and secret shots with your partner at every tourist attraction and amidst the breathtaking scenery of Sri Lanka. These memories will help you recap your Sri Lanka honeymoon years later.

Feel special

We also recommend our honeymooners to go all out and try to have at least one amazing night out together. Dress in your finest attire, visit a fancy restaurant and feel like a celebrity while you are at it! During your honeymoon in Sri Lanka you will spend time on some of the most exotic beaches ever. At the Fortress Hotel in Koggala, request the staff to serve you a candle light dinner on the beach. Make the night even more exciting by organizing everything as a surprise for your partner. These kinds of activities will make your honeymoon exciting and a lot more fun!

If you are a couple who does romantic and fancy dinners on a regular basis in daily life, try a romantic picnic amidst the beautiful landscapes of Sri Lanka. World’s End in Nuwara Eliya and the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kandy are a couple of exceptional sports to pick for a Sri Lanka honeymoon picnic. Carry some local food and drinks, sit together, watch people, experience local culture, and spend alone time together, all in one day.

Explore new things

Everyone has their own fears. Try an exciting new activity that you have never before had the courage to do. On your Sri Lanka honeymoon, it could be a kitesurfing experience, rafting in the beautiful white waters, climbing the 7000 feet high Adam’s peak, or snorkeling in the deep sea waters of the southern coast. Get your adrenaline flowing and overcome your fears to make you feel thrilled as never before!

Enjoy a couple’s massage

Couple’s massages really are as exaggerated as they are spoken about. You have to convince your partner to try it and what could be a better time than during your honeymoon in Sri Lanka. Heritance Tea Factory – Nuwara Eliya or Ulagalla Resort – Tirappanne are a couple of hotel spas where you can reserve an evening full of relaxation and rejuvenation with your loved one.

If you are not happy with the idea of a stranger masseuse, you can still spice up your Sri Lanka honeymoon by bringing some oil with you and giving each other a massage in the comfort of your own hotel room.

Do the unexpected

Ever heard of the saying ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’? Yes, spend a day apart while on your honeymoon in Sri Lanka and dedicate yourself to do something that your partner isn’t fond of and gift yourself with some ‘me-time’. For example, during your stay in Kandy, one of you could go out and explore the Botanical Gardens while the other could visit the cultural attractions – the Temple of the Tooth. Later in the day, meet up at the Kandy Lake, enjoy a boat ride together and literally make the heart grow fonder!

Initiate a daily common activity

If your honeymoon in Sri Lanka is for more than just a few days, form a routine to establish further bonding experiences. It could be as simple as enjoying a glass of wine at sunset time or taking a moonlight walk after dinner every day. This romantic routine will be something to cherish long after your honeymoon is past you. While you are at it, share something new about yourself every day and see how much it will mean in the long run. It could be a secret dream, an ambition or even insecurities about you; anything will contribute towards making the bonding experience stronger.

Don’t miss a sunrise and sunset on foreign grounds

Your honeymoon in Sri Lanka is probably your first visit to the country. While sunsets are easy to catch anywhere on the southern coast, don’t forget to try a sunrise on the eastern coast or in the beautiful hill country. Wake up early one morning during your stay in Ella, sit at the “Ella Gap” and devour the astonishing views while the sun brings in light to your day. This is an ideal location to mark as your “special honeymoon spot” which you can recall and re-visit at any time in your life. For you and your partner, it will always remain that forever special honeymoon spot. At the crack of dawn, chances are that you will have the entire place to yourself for sightseeing so make the most of it and then hightail the experience back to your bed!

Create memories

One way to do so is to have something like a journal or scrapbook. Every day each of you should write in it but don’t read any of the entries until the trip is over. Add special pictures, catchy captions, Sri Lankan souvenirs, and other keepsakes that will make your honeymoon in Sri Lanka an unforgettable one.

More memories can be made by making a musical playlist of all the songs that you and your partner identify with. Any time you have a ‘special’ moment while at a restaurant, bar, club, or beach party while on your Sri Lanka honeymoon, note down the song being played in the background. Make a list of these special moment songs and at the end of it you will have an easily made up romantic playlist dedicated only to the both of you. Every time you listen to this playlist, you will recall unique memories, music and nights from your honeymoon in Sri Lanka.

Don’t stress too much about planning a perfect honeymoon in Sri Lanka; let Blue Lanka Tours do the work for you. In fact, flexibility and spontaneous decisions will make the entire trip fun and exciting. After all, what can be better than being with your beloved partner in an amazing place?!


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