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Veddah Village Tour in Sri Lanka

The Blue Lanka Tours’ Veddha Village Tours also captures, the veddhas of Gal Oya who used to live in caves sheltered by the area’s woods, who also now live in mud huts inside the forest.

What is “Veddha” community ?

Veddha also often spelled as Vedda, in simple terms are Sri Lanka’s Aboriginals – that island’s inhabitants prior to the 6th Century BCE. They are the minority indigenous community. At the moment, just around 2,000 Veddhas remain, maybe as few as two hundred of whom still live their ancient lifestyle; the island’s oldest human civilization is fading away, with far too many Veddhas relegated to putting on a show for interested tourists.

Mahiyanganaya, Dambana is the infamous habitat of the Veddha community in Sri Lanka. Its significant in many ways even for fellow locals as it feels like a walk back to centuries like time travel.

The Itinerary

The itinerary focuses on indulgence with nature by giving a taste of how our aboriginal communities lived in harmony. The Hunter Gatherer taste of life, the animistic beliefs, all in one itinerary. The Veddha Village Tour with Blue Lanka Tours is also a one-of-a-kind experience that may be incorporated in a tailor-made trip for individuals who want to engage deeply with Sri Lanka’s history, culture, and people. This tour provides an opportunity to receive an unparalleled glimpse into this intriguing vanishing community, which has persisted for many years but is now on the verge of extinction.

From many travellers who already took the Veddha Village Tour with team Blue Lanka Tours made remarks of it being “ like being transported back in time – truly intriguing”. And in same words, but elaborated, this itinerary is a glimpse of how you may be a part of an experience of a lifetime.
We believe our Veddha Village Tour Itinerary gives you the opportunity that will not be around forever. With the fast paced developments the authentic inhabitance of the aboriginal community is bound to head towards a hybrid existence or worse, extinction in years to come. Therefore, simply, experience it while it lasts and Blue Lanka Tours is ready to give you this unforgettable, unique trip.


BIA to Colombo

  • Start your journey with a comfortable airport pickup and transfer to Colombo. Enjoy an overnight stay in the vibrant capital city of Sri Lanka.
air plane at air port
Red mosque colombo

Colombo to Kandy

  • Travel to Kandy, where you’ll check into your hotel and relax before witnessing a captivating cultural dance show in the evening. Seek blessings at the revered Kandy Tooth Relic Temple before retiring for the night.
Gangarama Temple Sri lanka
Kandy Temple of Tooth Relic

Kandy to Mahiyanganaya

  • Embark on a morning transfer to Mahiyanganaya, where you’ll immerse yourself in local culture by learning the art of clay pot making and experiencing traditional ‘Pan’ weaving. Enjoy an authentic rice and curry lunch at Rathna Ella Village before trekking to witness the breathtaking Rathna Ella and Kaluwa Wetuna Ella waterfalls. Spend the night in Mahiyanganaya.
Caly pot making
18 Bend Road Sri lanka

Exploring Mahiyanganaya

  • Delve into the rich heritage of the Dambana Vedda Village with a full-day experience. Take a bush walk with the Veddhas, witness their hunting methods, explore mountain caves, visit a Veddha dwelling, and indulge in a BBQ dinner accompanied by Veddha dances.
Veddha people
Veddha people

Mahiyanganaya to Gal Oya

  • Transfer to Gal Oya, where you’ll enjoy a picnic lunch in the National Park followed by an afternoon jeep safari to spot diverse wildlife. Spend the night amidst the natural beauty of Gal Oya National Park.
Gal oya national park
Gal oya national park

Discovering Gal Oya

  • Immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of the Gal Oya Vedda Tribe as you explore their ancestral jungles, ancient hunting grounds, and listen to their native songs and folk tales. Return to Gal Oya Lodge for relaxation.
Gal Oya Lodge
Veddha people

Gal Oya to Ella

  • Experience the serene beauty of Gal Oya National Park with a morning boat safari before transferring to Ella. Enjoy a cooking experience at a local place followed by dinner. Relax for the night in Ella.
Galoya Boat Safari
Traditional Sri Lankan Cooking

Ella to Weligama

  • Embark on a morning hike to Little Adam’s Peak and visit the iconic Nine Arches Bridge. Transfer to Weligama for a relaxing beachside retreat or unwind in a restaurant by the beach.
Mini Adam's Peak
Ninearch bridge

Departure from Weligama

  • Journey with a transfer to the Bandaranaike International Airport for your onward flight.
Fishing Weligama
Air plane taking off
  • Trip Duration: 09 Days
  • Observing the customs of the Sri Lankan Aboriginals.
  • Delighting in a guided jungle walk alongside the Chief of the Gal Oya Tribe.
  • Navigating the waters of Gal Oya National Park aboard a boat.
  • Refreshing oneself with a swim at Rathna Ella waterfall.
  • Immersing in the rich narratives of our Tribal Community.
  • Encountering elephants in their natural habitat, untouched by human interference.
  • Discovering precious gems and spotting swimming elephants in Gal Oya National Park.
  • Gathering around the campfire in the Vedda Village for a memorable evening.

Insightful Tips for Adventure Seekers

  • Ensure to pack comfortable and easy-to-wear clothing for your trip.
  • Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen along on all your outings.
  • Always have your cameras with you to capture unforgettable moments.
  • Relax and enjoy immersing yourself in the teachings of our indigenous inhabitants.


Q. How far is from Kandy to Mahiyanganaya?

Around 78km away from Kandy and it does take about 02 ½ hours’ drive time.

Q. What traditions or cultural celebrations do Veddah people have?

A. Ritual performances, especially possession Ceremonies that include dancing, chanting, instrumental music making, and the construction of temporary shrines, provide some of the principal occasions for artistic expression among all Vedda groups.

Q. What is the best time to visit Gal Oya National Park to witness swimming elephants?

Ideally from March to July to catch glimpses of the elephants swimming from one island to another across the reservoir.

Q. How will I recognize the chauffeur who will pick me up at the airport?

He will be holding a paging board with your name on it, and waiting to greet you on arrival at the visitor’s lounge of the airport.