Yoga & Meditation Tour in Sri Lanka

A perfect getaway for Yoga & Meditation Tour in Sri Lanka entails taking time away from work and “life” to retreat to a secluded place (preferably) to focus only on your yoga practice meditation. While a luxury hotel yoga retreat has its benefits, the most effective and tranquil yoga retreat is one in which you can connect with nature, live simply, and develop your understanding of yoga & meditation without the extra distractions that your modern gadgets offer. Hence, Blue Lanka Tours has come up with the perfect Yoga & Meditation Tour in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka, as a Buddhist country, lays the way for it to be a destination for Yoga and Meditation Tours. Sri Lanka is now attracting an increasing number of yoga retreats from around the world, led by experienced yoga teachers and many properties that are dedicated to serving the purpose. Means, to meet the rising demand for Yoga retreats and wellness vacations, reputable local and international hospitality companies have established yoga and wellness resorts in Sri Lanka.

The Yoga and Meditation Tour in Sri Lanka by Blue Lanka Tours is more than simply an activity or experience for us. It is an opportunity for you to learn about the country’s culture as
well as meditation techniques in Buddhism. It offers a combination culture shaped by Buddhism and its influence on Yoga & Meditation. It is a relaxing and spiritual Tour that offers you nothing but peace of mind and happiness that allows you to unwind in some of the best
Yoga retreats in Sri Lanka.

We believe this will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance for travelers interested in learning more
about meditation and improving the focus and relaxation of the mind.

At a glance

Trip length

10 days


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When to go

All Year Around


Airport – Hotel – Tour attractions – Airport

Picture your self

At the Meditation Caves at Bambaragala

Being peaceful and happy in your Yoga retreats

Visiting Temple of the Tooth and participating in the Theva Pooja

At Rukgala Retreat pampering yourself in a full body massage

Not to miss in this tour

ElephantBambaragala Caves

Yoga Classes Morning & Evening

ElephantMeditation at Niyagama House

Day 1 BIA to Negombo

• Pickup & Assistant at the Airport
• Transfer to Negombo
• Overnight Stay in Negombo – VILLA HUNDIRA

Day 2 Negombo to Digana

• Transfer to Digana
• Blessing at Kandy Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic
• Check-in to the Rukgala Retreat
• Overnight Stay in Digana – RUKGALA RETREAT

Day 3 Digana

• Attend the Daily Yoga Classes Morning & Evening
• Guided Walk to the Meditation Caves at Bambaragala
• Explore Bambaragala Caves & Rock Climb
• Overnight stay in Digana – RUKGALA RETREAT

Day 4 Digana

• Attend the Daily Yoga Class Morning & Evening
• Paddle Boarding at the Lake
• A Full-Body Massage from the Locally-trained Therapist at Rukgala Retreat
• Overnight Stay in Digana – RUKGALA RETREAT

Day 3 Digana to Galle

• Transfer to Galle
• After a Long Drive, Rest & Relaxing at the Hotel
• Overnight Stay in Galle – NIYAGAMA HOUSE

Day 6 to Day 09 Galle

• Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Morning Class
• Guided Meditation & Relaxation
• Evening Yoga Class Upon Your Request
• Overnight Stay in Galle – NIYAGAMA HOUSE

(During your stay at Niyagama House, you are entitled to a complimentary guided tea plantations tour. Please note that spa treatments are also available at Niyagama House)

SriLankan Airline 02
Day 10 Galle to BIA

• Airport Transfer

Trail on the ground


Q. Do I need to have experience with yoga and meditation before the retreat?

– You don’t need to have any experience so don’t worry if you have never practiced yoga or meditation before. All of the places you will visit have teachers who are compassionate to all levels of experience and will quickly help to build up your confidence.

Q. What is the best time of year to visit Sri Lanka?

– December to March and July to August are hot and dry and tend to be the best time to plan your visit. April to June and October and November are generally humid and are therefore the ideal time for deep cleansing and Panchakarma.

Q. How long does the transfer from the airport take to Negombo?

– About 30 Minutes max.

Q. Are all Yoga & Meditation retreats strictly Vegan

– Most of them in Sri Lanka are, But not all.

Real people, real views

How they experienced it

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Insightful Tips

  • Yoga & Meditation is focused on inner peace and healing! Always be relaxed during this tour
  • Bring your Yoga clothes and everything you need
  • Always be mindful of your surroundings and your meals in the Yoga & Mediation tour
  • Pay attention to the Sri Lankan way of meditation practices which comes deep-rooted from Theravada Buddhism

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