I only stepped into my career in the travel industry in 2021, even though I fell in love with the world of travel in my youth. I truly enjoy watching travel documentaries which ignited a strong interest in me to travel more around Sri Lanka and experience the richness and wonderful history that my country has to offer.

Now, I invite you to join me on this captivating journey and discover the beauty and history of Sri Lanka. My absolute favorite places to travel to in Sri Lanka are Anuradhapura, Mirissa, Arugam Bay, Nuwara Eliya, and Kandy.

My Leading Leisure Interests

Experiences that have shaped the contours of my inner self.

Cultural dancer

Cultural Dance Shows

As a dancer myself, I find the Kandy Cultural Dance show incredibly beautiful. The synchronization and rhythm of the dancers are mesmerizing and unique. It’s an art form like no other.

elephant freedom project

Elephant Freedom Project

I have a deep affection for all animals, and elephants are among my favorites. Observing them in their natural state at the Freedom Project, free to roam without chains, is an amazing experience.

Wildlife Photography

Jeep Safaris

I can’t get enough of jeep safaris, although I’m yet to spot a leopard. Nevertheless, being out in the wild and witnessing Sri Lanka’s diverse wildlife is an amazing feeling.

Insightful Tips

  • Visiting Religious Sites: Dress modestly when visiting temples and remember to remove your shoes as a sign of respect.
  • Scenic Hill Country: Experience an enchanting train ride through the mesmerising tea plantations in places like Kandy and Ella.
  • Local Currency and Payment Options: Carry some cash for small expenses and emergencies.
  • Best Times to Visit: Sri Lanka experiences two main monsoon seasons affecting different parts of the island at different times of the year. The west and south coasts are best visited from December to April, while the east coast shines from May to September.

Top Picks

My journey was graced with stays in remarkable locations that enriched my experience.


Santani Wellness, Kandy

A sanctuary of luxury and tranquility, it is renowned for its all- encompassing wellness spa that nurtures the body, mind, and soul. It’s a place to detoxify and find inner peace amid natural splendors.
kandy house

The Kandy House

A countryside boutique, mere kilometers from the Kandy city, where culinary delights featuring local flavors and curries are served with elegance. The eye-catching infinity pool that overlooks lush paddy fields will take your breath away.
Karpha Sands

Karpaha Sands

Known for its pristine 15-kilometer beach, this gem is a testament to nature’s wonder. Stunning sunrises made me wonder about the origins of such beauty. It’s a luxurious communion with the natural world.