Being in the world of numbers and figures, I discovered a new equation, one that revolves around adventure, culture, and the boundless beauty of Sri Lanka. My journey with Blue Lanka Tours has transformed me from a numbers person to a passionate traveler, forever seeking excuses to explore the magnificent tapestry of my homeland.

My journey is guided by a desire to dive into the essence of Sri Lanka’s history at the sacred Mihintale Temple, while exploring the roots of Buddhism. A stroll around the Kandy lake offers a peaceful escape, and the Minneriya Jeep safari provides thrilling wildlife encounters.

My Leading Leisure Interests

The impact of these experiences has reverberated within the depths of my soul.

Birds Watching

Bird watching

Even though it might sound boring when you hear it, you really need to try it to know the difference. Bird watching is both peaceful and exciting especially when you have an expert guiding you and assisting you in spotting the rare ones. That is the highlight of it and you never know how many species you can spot in one session.


Stilt Fishermen

This is a unique experience, even just watching them do what they do in a daily routine is such a beauty for the mundane folks.

Cycling in Sri Lanka

Cycling around the area

There are some places that allow you to ride the bicycle with your partner and this is one activity that I truly enjoyed, even though it might seem like some ordinary activity, it’s even better when you are riding the bicycles in the beautiful sceneries of Sri Lanka it is simply refreshing.

Insightful Tips

  • Poya Days: liquor shops are closed on this sacred day. Plan ahead and enjoy your spirits in the comfort of your accommodation.
  • Artistic Heritage: Sri Lanka’s artists breathe life into wood, paint, and masks. Check out their craft and take home a piece of their passion.
  • Bird Watching: Equip yourself with cameras and binoculars for bird watching in the Muthurajawela Wetland Sanctuary.
  • Elephant Encounters: Spend a memorable day with these majestic creatures, walking, feeding, and bathing them.

Top Picks

Here are my top lodging choices.

Uga Ulagalla Resort

Uga Ulagalla Resort

This breathtaking place allows you to connect with nature while enjoying activities like horse riding, nature walks, kayaking, and village bike rides.
The Fortress

The Fortress

Dive into the coral reefs of Unawatuna through scuba diving or embark on a Blue whale-watching adventure. Explore national sanctuaries like the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, and visit a Cinnamon plantation while connecting with nature.
W15 Hanthana Estate

W15 Hanthana Estate

Experience the charm of tea estates and factories, go bird and butterfly watching, explore Kandy city, and end your day with a delightful cooking class followed by dinner.