08 Best couple activities to do on your Sri Lanka honeymoon

by | Aug 5, 2022


Lush greenery, majestic waves, golden sand and welcoming hosts are the perfect combination for a perfect vacation. As you begin a new chapter in your life with a special someone to accompany you in sickness and in health, embarking on an adventure with him/her is symbolic of your life together. Explore the story of Sri Lanka that runs past 2000 years while sipping a refreshing cup of Ceylon Tea and relax in the soothing breeze of the irresistible beaches that surround the island. Here’s a bucket-list of couple activities you can enjoy in Sri Lanka.

1. Marble Beach: A relaxing, private spot for a romantic getaway

Curious about the mystical name? Marble Beach located in Marble Bay, Trincomalee shines like a marble when the sun hits the water on a calm, sunny day. Spend a romantic day with your spouse playing in the Indian Ocean, sunbathing in the golden sands of the beach and napping with the cool wind of the ocean breeze. If a taste of adventure is what you seek, scuba diving and deep sea diving are exciting couple activities that are offered at Marble Beach. For a romantic end to the day, wine and dine on the comforting sand and moonlight.

2. Wave ‘Hi’ to the Whales and Dolphins in Mirissa

Hop aboard a vessel to enjoy the whales and dolphins at play in Mirissa. Located along the southern coast, Mirissa is a popular beach destination for water sports and whale watching. Different species of whales are spotted at different times of the year. Blue and sperm whales are most often spotted from December to April. Orca whales are popular May through September. From September to January, Humpback whales are sighted. Dare to  get closer to these spectacular mammals? A special permit needs to be approved by the Director General of Wildlife Conservation and the  permit can be applied online to swim with the whales and dolphins.

3. Trek the beautiful landscape at Ella

Known for the misty and cool climate, Ella is a popular bucket-list activity for tourist couples who visit Sri Lanka. The beautiful waterfalls, acres of tea plantations and jungle mountains is a haven of relaxation for tourists and locals alike. Challenge yourself to try a trek to either Little Adam’s Peak or Ella rock (or both!) with your significant other and reward your journey with the beautiful vista atop the mountains. Another popular attraction in Ella is the Nine Arches Bridge. Built in 1921 during the British colonial era, Nine Arches bridge is an architectural phenomenon admired by millions. Witness the majesticity of Nine Arches with a short hike to the bridge or board a train from Colombo to Badulla.

4. Enjoy the cool climes in Nuwara Eliya

Fondly nicknamed, ‘Little England”, Nuwara Eliya is known to be one of the coldest cities in Sri Lanka and therefore a popular tourist couple activity in Sri Lanka. Fall in love with the green landscapes and the quaint red brick buildings that dot the city. The people in Nuwara Eliya, as opposed to its climate, are warm and hospitable making Nuwara Eliya a pleasant visit. Bike around the Gregory lake,  Hike the Horton Plains to Bakers Falls and try your hand at golf at the Nuwara Eliya Golf Club. April is known to be the best month to visit Nuwara Eliya as it hails the season of Spring and activities such as flower shows, horse races and carnivals makes the city more vibrant and exciting for new couples.

5. Explore Sri Lankan heritage at Dambulla

A day tour to Dambulla is a wonderful opportunity to explore the Dambulla Cave Temple and the historic Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Further towards the north of Dambulla is Sigiriya: the lion rock fortress. The majestic lion paws of the rock are the only visible evidence of a lion. Sigiriya is famous for its water fountains, frescoes, mirror wall and the remains of the castle at the very top.

Fancy a hike? Directly opposite Sigiriya is Pidurangala, which offers a scenic view of Sigiriya and the surrounding rural beauty.

6. The Royal Botanical Gardens: a walk in a majestic park

Located in the picturesque Central Province, the Royal Botanical Garden is an incredible botanical space with more than 4000 different varieties of floral species. Several endangered plants of the country are carefully nurtured at the Botanical Gardens. A picnic in the grassy expanse is a wonderful way to bond with your partner. The history of Gardens dates back to 1371 during the time in which the Garden was a Chief Consort’s apple of the eye.

Currently, the Royal Botanical Garden hosts a rare orchid collection, a special Japanese style garden,  fern forest, a palmyrah avenue and miniature gardens of other vibrant blooms. Traversing the Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya are a popular tourist couple activity in Sri Lanka.

7. Blessings from the Hill Capital: Kandy

No couple ever leaves Sri Lanka without being treated to the Kandyan hospitality. Known for its rich and immersive culture, Kandy is Sri Lanka’s hill capital , the last kingdom of the country.Kandy is home to its own arts and crafts, dialect and lifestyle. Around Kandy are many archaeological and culturally important sites that have been deemed UNESCO heritage sites. The best time to visit Kandy is during August, when the ‘Perahera” or Procession of the Tooth Relic Temple is scheduled. Millions of tourists visit Kandy to witness the vivacious Perahera which is an ancient tradition that is claimed to be a blessing and a symbol of rain. You would regret missing the Perahera as it is definitely a couple bucket-list activity that is sure to awe you.

8. Southern Hospitality in Galle

Southern Capital, Galle, is well known for its Dutch Fort, Light House, Museums and sea. Inside the Galle Fort are streets full of local boutiques that will cater to your tastes and make you feel at home. The Dutch Church is known for its rustic beauty and history. The Maritime museum of Galle boasts of the flourishing trade in Sri Lanka and her natural resources. One should not leave Galle without trying its authentic Sri Lankan dishes and it is surely another reason why Galle is a must visit in your trip to Sri Lanka.


The Pearl of the Indian Ocean holds deep secrets in its locations that you and your partner would enjoy discovering. Your honeymoon in Sri Lanka is a memory that you will choose to cherish for a lifetime among other destinations as it is perfect for couples and a trip worth trying to experience the best in life.