2017 The Year for Spa Holidays

by | Dec 14, 2016

2017 is almost here and with it comes the joy of starting to plan your holidays for the upcoming year. According to worldwide holiday experts 2017 will see an increase in wellness holidays, as more holiday goers look to use their holiday time as a means of rejuvenating their minds and bodies. Sri Lanka is a perfect choice for vacationers looking for spa holidays as it has many professional luxury spas that deliver far and above the expected, set in the midst of paradise.

Why should you opt for a spa holiday?

In a world where we literarily feel as though we are always on the go, a spa holiday makes us stop and slow down and de-stress. The treatments which include massages, deep tissue body scrubs and hot stone massages all have health benefits by helping increase flexibility and gently strengthening muscle tones. It can also help you enjoy better sleep cycles, as you experience complete relaxation. Further treatments such as facials, head massages, warm oil head massages and body wraps all aim to relax and cleanse for an overall feeling of wellbeing. Massages as a treatment have been around for thousands of years and are a completely natural way towards healing the body. As many of us have desk bound jobs, aches and pains along the spine and shoulders tend to be common. These can be treated and prevented with spa treatments.

Why a spa holiday in Sri Lanka?

Well Sri Lanka is a paradise island. Not only will you be reaping the benefits of being pampered with professional luxury spa treatments, but you will be also in an idyllic location. You can enjoy time on the beach, relaxing to the sound of the ocean as the sea breeze gently cools you down. It is a well-known fact that sea water is beneficial for the skin while an invigorating swim does wonders towards feeling good. There is something so therapeutic about the beach, that it is no wonder people travel the world over to spend time on Sri Lanka’s famous beaches for a dose of the sun, surf and sand. You can also combine your spa holiday with other activities such as exploring heritage sites, taking in the amazing wildlife or losing yourself in the scenic beauty of the island’s upcountry region.

Why not try Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is one of the oldest natural healing treatments in the world and Sri Lanka has a 2000 year old history with using this holistic method to heal the body, spirit and mind. These treatments too include massages, cleansing programs and herbal baths using all-natural products. Another element to Ayurveda are the meditation and yoga as well as special diets that all work together to help you feel like a new person by the end of your holiday. Also you can consult in house Ayurveda doctors to get personal fitness plans that include exercises both physical and breathing as well as diet plans that are easy to follow once back home from your holiday.

Why wait?

With so much to gain and absolutely nothing to lose why wait any longer to start planning your 2017 spa holiday? Make it a holiday all about yourself, where you take time to relax from the everyday world and spend time in paradise being pampered completely. To make it even better, you can opt for a couple’s package so that you and your better half can spend time together during treatments. What better way to bond and rejuvenate. Sri Lanka is perfect as your spa holiday destination as it has many luxury and Ayurveda spas to choose from, all providing professional treatments in a warm and inviting atmosphere.