An Underground Campaign to Inspire Visitors

by | Dec 12, 2016

Sri Lanka is a paradise destination that many people have started to appreciate as being able to deliver an all-round idyllic holiday experience. This tiny island has so much to offer be it a beachside holiday, a wildlife experience, nature retreat or adventure. Yet, there are many that think of Sri Lanka as only a location for sun kissed beaches. While Sri Lanka’s beaches are world famous, this tiny tear drop island is a country blessed with natural wonders that will amaze even the most seasoned of travellers. It is to highlight this that Sri Lanka Tourism is currently carrying out an advertising campaign in the UK underground train and railway.

Rich Heritage

The campaign highlights the splendor of Sri Lanka to commuters as they go about their daily travels. It is a great way to inspire people to start planning their summer holidays and create awareness about the country itself. Sri Lanka is a country rich in culture and heritage and its many great ruins, temples and manmade lakes show the extent of the ancient Sri Lankan’s abilities. It truly is an enlightening experience to walk through these ancient marvels and see the structures and architecture that made use of the natural elements to perfection. The dramatic palace complex the Sigiriya Rock Fortress by the despotic King Kassapa, is just one of the few historic gems that Sri Lanka has to offer.

Multi ethnic culture

Another angle that the campaign highlights is Sri Lanka’s ‘vibrant multi ethnic culture’. Sri Lanka is a warm melting pot of cultures that reflect throughout the island. From its many sometimes colourful and at other times serene religious ceremonies to the breathtaking pereheras or religious parades, visitors are filled with a greater sense of Sri Lanka’s rich heritage. Traditional sweetmeats, the boiling of the milk pot, the following of auspicious times are all wonderful Sri Lankan traditions that are interesting to be a part of. The island’s multi-cultural background is a delightful mix of Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim and Burgher cultures that have blended together to create a truly unique warm and inviting culture. Sri Lanka is famous for the warm inviting smile of its people.

Relax, relax, relax

Another area Sri Lanka has become popular for is as a great holiday destination for rejuvenation. This is not only by sunbathing on the warm beaches but also through spa treatments and Ayurveda holidays. These have grown in popularity in Sri Lanka as visitors appreciate the professional and thoroughly rejuvenating treatments they are able to enjoy while holidaying here. An Ayurveda holiday is a total detox program which helps people feel better both mentally and physically. This 5000 year old natural healing process has recently become popular again for its natural therapeutic benefits. Spas in Sri Lanka are of top quality and perfect for the visitor looking for some holiday pampering and a complete feeling of wellness.

Calling of the wild

Sri Lanka is also blessed with an amazing range of wildlife. It has large national wildlife parks that are home to such an array of animals that visitors wonder how such a tiny island can have such a diverse range. The wild Asian elephants roam gently in these parks and are breathtaking to see up close. The elusive leopard which is found in Sri Lanka can also be seen by those lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

Adventure crazy

Idyllic paradise island Sri Lanka may be, but it also is a great location for an adventure holiday be it sports or exploring or nature. Kayaking, forest hikes, trekking, surfing, kite surfing, camping, hot air ballooning and diving are just some of the exhilarating activities you can enjoy that are provided by professionals in the field. They offer adventures that deliver as promised.

It is to highlight all these wonderful elements of Sri Lanka that Sri Lanka Tourism started the underground campaign. It will inspire more British commuters to plan their 2017 summer holidays in Sri Lanka, for a holiday of a lifetime.