7 Exciting Things to do in Mirissa

by | Feb 6, 2019

Mirissa has been one of the rising hotspot tourist destinations in Sri Lanka since the last couple of years or so. Apart from the most obvious – relaxing on a hammock on the coconut filled Mirissa beach, you can spend an adventurous few days here exploring the area.

1. Surfing

Start off with your surf board on the Mirissa beach. This coastline has the perfect waves to attract many surfers, resulting in the lively atmosphere on this beach. The months from October through March are ideal surfing conditions in Mirissa – Sri Lanka.

2. Whale Watching

While Mirissa is home to a large marine life, the tourism industry offers whale watching tours that take off from the beach itself. Ranging from large luxury boats with breakfast packages included, to smaller budgeted boats, all set out at the crack of every dawn, deep into the Indian Ocean for a few hours of spotting whales, dolphins and turtles. November to March is the most common whale watching season. If the weather conditions are bad, boats will not set out to sea.

3. Be a Foodie

The Doctor House, Dewmini Roti Shop, Wood Space, Little Tuna and Shady Lane are just a few popular restaurants in Mirissa. Some of these places, such as Doctor House, have live music and great party vibes along with the delicious food and drinks.

4. Parrot Rock

One of the cool rock points in Mirissa is the Parrot Rock – a small rock to climb for a slightly higher view of the Mirissa area and is easily accessible from the beach. Rock climbs, whether big or small, are always sketchy and a slip of the foot can be injurious so be careful on your way up. Sometimes the water tide is high so you have to walk through water to get there but it is safest to visit when the tide is low. A couple of benches are placed on the parrot rock – for those who wish to relax and sunbathe from there.

5. Coconut Tree Spot

Don’t forget to visit the Coconut Farm in Mirissa. Located on a hill top, about 15 minutes walking distance from the beach, the coconut farm offers amazing views, especially of the sunset. The location is on Google Maps so you can easily find it while exploring Mirissa, or even during an evening walk along the coastline. A large mound of dirt leads to the coconut tree spot and photographs taken from here turn out to be beautiful and picturesque. Oh and while you are there, beware of the coconuts that keep falling from the trees!

6. Secret Beach

The secret beach – not so secret anymore after becoming one of the top things to do in Mirissa, is yet worth a visit. It is a small, secluded, and breathtaking stretch of water that can be slightly difficult to reach. A local lady sits here selling coconuts until her daily stock is over. A small bar also offers the drinks you would need to relax and sunbathe on this beautiful spot. Also marked on Google Maps as ‘Secret beach bar’, the best way to get there is via tuk tuk, and then a 10 minute steep walk down the road.

7. Day Trip to Galle

While planning your holiday in Sri Lanka, you must have surely come across Galle as a must visit destination. During your stay in Mirrissa, you can schedule a one day trip to Galle – it is just a one hour drive from Mirissa. In Galle you can explore the Dutch Fort, the clear waters of the Galle coastline, and of course, a whole lot of restaurants, cafés and ice cream parlors for you to indulge in.