Culture Club Galle Fort

by | Feb 5, 2019

Experience the historic ambiance of the Galle Fort in all its authenticity at the Culture Club Galle. A relatively new additional to the appealing boutique accommodations to be found in and around the famous Galle Fort, Culture Club is ideal, if you want to a touch of Galle’s colonial past.

Tucked away along one of the Fort’s cobblestone paths, Culture Club allows you to experience a stay in a well-preserved 18th Century British building. The entire top flour is a master suite that embraces you with its unique charm, from its original kumbuk wooden floorboards to its terrace that overlooks the quaint Church Street below. Gaze through one of the windows and you can see, set against the sea, the famous Galle Fort light house also known as Pointe de Galle Light. This suite room is one of the largest rooms to be found in the Galle Fort after Amngalla and Taru Villas. Below is a smaller room that is perfect for couples or friends as it can be converted into a triple.

Before you set forth to explore this little pocket of history, start you day with a hearty Signature or Sri Lankan breakfast which will set the right tone for your day. If you are staying during the season, then you are in for a special treat as Culture Club plays host to a group of handpicked puppeteers who showcase Sri Lanka’s amazing culture with traditional puppet shows. An attached hall also converts into an interactive platform for traditional trades, where you can see and sample traditional and freshly made sweetmeats, mask painting and lace weaving of Beeralu lace which is unique to the Galle region.

If you are not there during season, do not worry, the Galle Fort is an amazing location that has retained its Colonial heritage and is a wonderful place to explore. It is filled with paved narrow walkways lined with inspiring colonial architecture and small boutique accommodations and cosy nooks housing cafes, restaurants and shops selling knick knacks from jewellery to books to handmade bags, masks and more. And not to be forgotten is the mighty fort itself. Walk along its ramparts and gaze upon the open sea and you will truly feel as though you have travelled back in time. Go towards evening, when you can spend time sitting on the short stony walls and absorb the sight of the sun gently setting.

Return to the Culture Club and enjoy the homemade goodies at the Eats and Treats café, located in the lobby where your taste buds can feast upon delicious cake, coffee and invitingly cool drinks such as Mojito iced tea. You can also purchase local produce such as cinnamon and enjoy dishes infused with cinnamon such as Cinnamon coffee, Cinnamon chair and Cinnamon Moringa. A perfect ending to a perfect time in the Galle Fort, a World Heritage Site.