All new Sri Lanka tour inspired by The Gandys (charity) Foundation

by | Feb 27, 2020


Brothers Rob and Paul lost their parents to the tsunami that took place in 2004. Several countries including Sri Lanka were terribly affected by this unfortunate natural hazard. After the tsunami, Rob and Paul were luckily able to return to the UK to reconcile with friends and family who supported them after their parents were taken away. The brothers were orphaned at the age of 17 and 15, and as a result, they felt a passionate need to make a significant difference in the world. They were bestowed with kindness after this incident and that inspired Rob and Paul to improve the lives of orphans who are placed in a challenging social position.

The Gandys Foundation

Established by brothers Rob and Paul, The Gandys Foundation supports the ‘Orphans for Orphans’ initiative – assisting underprivileged children with necessities such as medication, nutrition, and education. This foundation not just ensures proper youth development in the community but also makes sure children are well occupied in after school lessons, while also offering parents a chance to learn English and Maths. The Kids Campus is designed in a way that makes parents feel content about their children being in a safe environment, while they are
working to provide for their family. Overall, the Orphans for Orphans facility improves the lives of children, parents and overall community.

The Gandys Foundation in Sri Lanka

The first Gandys campus was set up in Sri Lanka, and then another in Malawi, followed by more in Nepal and Brazil. The brothers want to now expand the Sri Lanka campus to accommodate more children while also setting up campuses in other countries in an effort to completely devote themselves to helping underprivileged children.

Sri Lanka Tour inspired by The Gandys Foundation

Blue Lanka Tours can incorporate a visit to the Gandys Kids Campus during your tour in Sri Lanka. It is amazing to see the difference made by funds coming from the Gandys Foundation. A new floor has recently been opened up and better facilities or medical care, additional educational opportunities and more nutritional meals.

While you are at the Gandys Kids Campus in Sri Lanka, you can spend a few hours playing and mingling with the kids – giving you a complete out-of-the-box experience of a luxury holiday in Sri Lanka, in addition to the hotels and attractive tourist attractions.

Gandys Vision

Rob and Paul want to open many more campuses worldwide and help fellow orphans. This Orphans for Orphans platform combines their passion for traveling the globe and also using fashion as a fundraising opportunity. After launching the incredible book titled ‘Tsunami Kids’, they launched a line of flip flops and other accessories, offering 10% of profits to help orphans around the world.
Instilled in the Gandys Foundation is the determined nature of Rob and Paul to continue the vision of their parents – “to create a legacy that has a generational impact on the world”.