Cape Weligama – A Luxurious Escape

by | Feb 14, 2019

Overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean, Cape Weligama creates an illusion of a Sri Lanka Village. This perfectly landscaped 13 acre property is perched on a headland in Weligama (Sri Lanka’s southern tip), due to which it provides sweeping views of the sea.

The neighborhood within the resort provides utmost seclusion and privacy on one hand because of the narrow pathways, terraces, gardens, alcoves and swimming pools, while also providing a sense of community on the other hand with restaurants and other public spaces.

Cozy Lodging

Luxury Hotel Cape Weligama

Snuggled amidst lush tropical gardens and fenced with low stone walls, two to three villas are clustered around an infinity swimming pool with views of the lovely ocean. Each cluster is given a name after explorers of Ceylon – Marco Polo is one example. Completing the look of a traditional Sri Lankan village, the villas are uniquely furnished, each with a different landscape and topography.

Delightful Cuisines

Sri Lankan Village Food

The main restaurant at Cape Weligama is the Ocean Terrace – serving Western and Sri Lankan cuisine in grand settings. Carefully prepared dishes come to your table while you enjoy sprawling views of the Indian Ocean. Some of the creative dishes here are under the Contemporary and Progressive Sri Lankan categories. Gamboge is a popular dish – black pepper tuna, smoked in cinnamon wood and served with carrots that are either roasted, pureed or pickled. Delectable deserts on the menu are tropical fruit meringue, buffalo curd cheesecake, and mango and passion fruit custard.

Chef’s Table is another unique experience for foodies. A reservation is needed for the two groups that dine every night because the chef on roster takes in only 12 guests at a time and prepares a four course meal in front of them.

Personal Touches

Each cluster of villas has an attendant assigned to it – waiting to take your dinner reservations, advice on outdoor excursions, hand you a towel as you come out of the swimming pool and so on.

Moon Pool Cape Weligama

The Moon Pool at Cape Weligama is an absolute gem. This adults-only area gives out vibes of pure serenity with its crescent shaped infinity pool, lined up with soothing palm trees. Quite often, the only tranquil sounds you hear are the birds chirping and the ocean waves lapping. You can choose to spend most of the day at the Moon Pool while ordering food and refreshing beverages from the pool menu.

While at the resort, don’t forget to visit the gift shop to take home the perfect gift for your family and friends. From colorful linen, cotton scarves and postcards reproduced from ancient posters, there is a wide choice of genuinely Sri Lankan items to choose from at Cape Weligama’s gift shop.

Exciting Activities

Whether you are looking for some low-key activities or something with a huge adrenaline rush, every requirement can be catered to. Some of these include: cooking classes from the chefs, blue whale watching, surfing, biking, trips to nearby villages or visiting the Galle Fort.

Exciting Activities Cape Weligama

The two corners of the property are bordered with stunning beaches perfect for a sun tan. On the East Beach is a slim curve of sand – swim safe and open to the public. The West Beach can be accessed through a gate and a steep set of stairs. Here you will find a narrow strip of sand with a wild beach – ideal for surfing lessons but not swim safe.

If you are in the mood for a walk, stroll through the thin “Cliff Walk” which curves around the Moon Pool and Cove Pool, with pathways offering splendid greenery and ocean views.

Cape Weligama also has three spots for scenic viewing. Lookout Blue is where the best sunset can be viewed at. Private and group yoga classes are conducted here and you can also reserve this spot for a romantic candlelight dinner.