Experience a Private Island Getaway in Sri Lanka!

by | Feb 26, 2019

Have you read about those top ten private island getaways around the world and dreamed that you could have a holiday on one of those? In Sri Lanka, you can make those dreams a reality by visiting Taprobane Island – off the southern coast of Weligama.

This two-and-a-half-acre romantic property can be accessed by wading through the waters of Weligama beach or by riding on an elephant who will take you there. In the 1920s, French Count de Mauny Talvand purchased this island, which was once a dumping ground for cobras. With his self-possessed skills of landscaping and designing, he transformed this island into a private little haven. He first built an octagonal shaped villa with huge verandas and then landscaped the remaining surroundings with trees such as palm, hibiscus, bougainvillea and orchids.

After the French Count created this island, writer Paul Bowles purchased and owned it for a few years.  He gained immense experience of island living and then wrote all about it. One of his memorable quotes in describing the island was “once you are there, there is nothing between you and the south pole”.

Upon reaching this gorgeous paradise island, welcoming staff will greet you with warm, refreshing towels. This dedicated staff team will take care of all your personal needs.  Beginning with chauffeuring your luggage across the waters to arranging your transport, and preparing meals to be served on various locations around the island. Apart from being the ideal romantic getaway, this rustic, yet elegant and unique island is also suitable for big families and a group of friends, or even a perfect venue for special events.

A stone pathway leads you up to the lush tropical gardens of the island, through which you will walk into a charming five bedroom villa. The beautiful villa is a mix of colonial and colorful interiors, with each room providing stunning ocean views. The octagonal center room has a 30 foot high ceiling with bedrooms and sitting areas extending from here. Antique colonial furniture and fabrics decorate the interiors of the villa along with interesting artifacts, all-time favorite books, skilled photographs, creative paintings and framed letters to add a personality to the property. The highlight of course is that from every direction that you look outside, the infinite seascape is visible.

Make use of all the free time you have on this isolated island – sunbathe under a shady palm tree or skinny dip in the ocean without any hesitation as there is no one else in sight for miles and miles. In the exotic garden, stone seats and wooden benches are placed in the outdoors for you to relax and absorb breathtaking 360 degree views of the sea, Weligama bay and the stunning sunset. These epic locations are ideal for sightseeing, peaceful writing, photography, painting, drawing and simply enjoying the changing skies of the day. Wrap up the day with a candlelit dinner for two on the beach while the chef serves up some authentic and delicious Sri Lankan cuisine. With only the ocean all around you, this island escape is as private as it gets.