Ceylon Tea Trails – Summerville Bungalow

by | Oct 27, 2018

Built in 1923, classic like the country cottages, standing at an altitude of 4000 ft, Summerville Bungalow is another beautiful residency in Ceylon Tea Trails family. With abundant light and a plethora of views, at the end of tea estates stands this beau – the ideal residence for the discerning luxury traveler seeking a luxurious sanctuary amidst mountain ranges, lakes, tea factories to tea fields and wilderness. A little bit of cold weather with a little bit of sunshine and hot pot of tea at a century old planter’s residency – yes we are talking about Summerville Bungalow by Ceylon Tea Trails.

Summerville is nestled amid a rolling landscape of untouched native bush that kisses the lake isle of our tranquil tea estates above. Whether you are seeking world-class cuisine, breathtaking scenery, the spirit of adventure or simply a sense of renewal, you will find it here. It’s perhaps, surprisingly easy to find yourself a world away. And, even arriving becomes part of the destination. Enjoy the all-too-brief journey from the Colombo, by land or air, through some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet. Immerse yourself in Summerville’s pristine natural setting, with bush that extends down to the very water’s edge of our secluded lake. From private gardens and bespoke butler services await you on our doorstep. And, with chefs close at hand, Summerville is dedicated to a unique experience that is unforgettably yours.


Accommodation- Summerville Bungalow

Ceylon Tea Trails luxurious retreat – Summerville Bungalow is a sanctuary in every sense, surrounded by the timeless beauty of nature herself in the fire crackling sounds at the cozy fire places. A place to relax, escape the everyday and discover the exceptional.
Enjoy experiencing the magnificence of the Summerville Bungalow with family or alone, whilst also assured of the privacy of your own personal luxury retreat. Absorb the unparalleled secluded tranquility, both inside and out, from the natural wood comfort of your colloquial English planters house.
With sunlight radiating into every corner, the warm wooden interior offers a refreshingly relaxed atmosphere that embodies the unique qualities of our natural sanctuary. Spacious and stylish, the Summerville Bungalow has been designed to offer a generous combination of both social and private historical and contemporary living.

Five superbly-appointed suites, complete with cozy furniture and soothing carpets, reflect the pride Ceylon Tea Trails take in their attentiveness to each and every luxurious detail. With windows opening wide onto uninterrupted views across Hatton’s beautiful mountains, all suites offer king size beds dressed with the finest linens and smoothest down pillows.

  • The Shuttleworth Master Suite is of 70 sq.m, separate living room, bath & walk in rain shower, private garden.
  • Garnet Garden Suite is of 45 sq.m and includes bath with rain shower, with complementing view of reservoir from private garden.
  • Goddard Garden Suite is as big with 47 sq.m includes bath with rain shower, and views of private garden.
  • Cosby Garden Suite is of 45 sq.m including same bath & walk in rain shower, and complementing view of the lake from private garden.
  • Middleton Luxury Room is of 38 sq.m that includes twin beds, bath with rain shower, and garden view.



Dining – Summerville Bungalow

Gourmet cuisine at Ceylon Tea Trails bungalows are often celebrated with numerous delicious arrangements fresh and fine. Start your day at Summerville Bungalow with a tea-kish wakeup call from the butler, followed by English or Sri Lankan breakfast of your choice, either to stay in or stay out staring into the misty eye of Hatton.

Ceylon Tea Trails dining is known for its fresh home grown fruits and vegetables, teas and herbs from its surrounding estates. Enjoy these fresh meals in elegant surroundings at Summerville Bungalow, be it at the main dining room or the resplendent tearoom, with vistas overlooking the garden escapes, or in an open dining concept that merges seamlessly into the lush tea grounds around. A four-course dinner menu of your choice of English or Sri Lankan will always come handy to you at Summerville Bungalow.

Things To Do – Summerville Bungalow

The Tea Experience

From trekking through the dense jungle to a tea estate to watch and experience how tea pluckers work their magic with two hands, is a much do excursion for anyone staying at Ceylon Tea Trails bungalows. The trek does not simply end at that, but at the factory where all the tea-talk takes place.


Ride through slopes to mountains and aside tea-estates in the Lankan highlands with cool winds tucking against you.

Scenic sidewalks and hikes

A walk to remember? Yes! In deed! There’s nothing like getting into shoes and trekking amongst the jungles and beautiful roads and a plethora of scenic escapes where heaven feels like home.


All bungalows have a croquet lawn where you can unleash devious tactics against family and friends, a Pimms No 1 in hand.(Resplendentceylon.com, 2018)

White Water Rafting

Your adventure starts at a beautiful nature base in Kitulgala about 75 minutes from Ceylon Tea Trails. After a safety briefing and a few pointers on rafting technique, you’ll jump right into the action. (Resplendentceylon.com, 2018)


Hop in to kayak across the majestic Castlereagh Lake to journey through the cold waters with a plethora of views.

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Written by
Carol R Taylor