Palmstone Retreat – Kithulgala

by | Oct 28, 2018

A serene hideaway, if you would rather be at one with nature, but tents and sleeping bags aren’t your style, check into Palmstone Retreat, and enjoy its unique suites designed for your lux life. Palm stone retreat delves in the lush ‘natural forests, overlooking a picturesque flowing stream, complete with a cascading waterfall’.

If staying in cozy surroundings is your thing, you’ll want to take advantage of this beautiful Palmstone Retreat in Kithulgala that gives you an ultimate wild experience.

Palmstone Retreat is not just a luxury stay but also that which looks out giving you the best of Kithulgala where adventure never stops in the woods. But before we could get to the exciting details – we know you need the details of how you would want to spend your nights in the coziest and most comfortable, luxurious way.



Palmstone Retreat in Kithulgala, is known around Sri Lanka for its wilderness sanctuary that’s home to many migrant bird species and more. Someone wanting a rejuvenating stay amidst this wooded wonderlands, can spend a whole day looking at nature’s beauty. To ease this process, here’s a list of the 3 luxury palm chalets to accommodate you at Palm Stone Retreat Kithulgala.

The three chalets in Palmstone Retreat Kithulgala, is a combination of style and luxury that opens doors to the beautiful serene woods of Kithulgala. It is out of the ordinary that is inspired by local architecture. The three luxury chalets at Palmstone Retreat intersects modern impeccable interiors with nature in its purest forms. Each chalet consists of two beautiful room types – Nelum and Araliya, which are 5 star rooms designed to ensure absolute privacy and luxurious comfort.

Nelum Suite

The Nelum Suite spacious bedroom and a sitting space overlooking the lush gardens and the stream. Unwind and soothe your tiredness while enjoying a Jacuzzi in your very own indoor Jacuzzi.


Araliya Suite

The Araliya suite offers you relaxation and rejuvenation in the luxury settings; where you can enjoy being pampered in your own steam sauna or just relax in the sitting area or take a dip in the private heated plunge pool.


Dining Experience

The Palmstone dining experience is extra ordinary and exceptional with an exemplary service. It is indeed a culinary journey with a set menu rather bias towards the Western dining experience. However, the Sri Lankan dishes are also served with a perfect combination of local varieties.

Palmstone Retreat also offers private dining facilities where guests can choose to dine in several chosen Romantic settings in the Palmstone premises. The most scenic option according to Palmstone is ‘the dining deck’ with complimenting views of the glorious waterfall, where your dining experience is magnified by the sights to behold and sounds out of the ordinary. You are also given the option to dine at tables set between the swimming pool and garden, or on the private decks of your rooms.
*Meals served at Palmstone Retreat are Halal-certified and are made using only the freshest ingredients.



Adventure Calls, When in Palmstone Retreat Kithulgala

Kithulgala is known for its adventure with a perfect combination of many activities that gives you a thrilling experience.
Here’s a list of the most exciting activities to do when in Palmstone , Kithulgala.

  • White water rafting
  • Canyoning (rock sliding)
  • White water kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Abseiling
  • Biking
  • Bird watching
  • The beli lena cave

To have the best enhanced experience at Palmstone Retreat in Kithulgala, visit us, we are just a click away.

Written by
Carol R Taylor