Favorite spots to include in a hiking itinerary in Sri Lanka

by | Dec 30, 2022

With the immense natural beauty that Sri Lanka has to offer, many adventure seeking tourists like to hike amidst intense trails. Here are a few unique hiking locations that Blue Lanka Tours can include in your Sri Lanka holiday itinerary.


Located in central Sri Lanka, close to the popular town of Kurunegala, Dolukanda is famous because of the nearby Dolukanda Raja Maha Viharaya (Temple). Worshippers believe that when Lord Hanuman was carrying the Great Himalaya Mountain, some of its remnants fell on top of Dolukanda Sanjeewani Mountain (another name for the attraction). Approximately 600 meters in height, Dolukanda is abundant with herb forests which are believed to have super curing powers, and preserves plenty of ruins at the top – from King Walagamba’s era.

This trek is located in a hot and humid area, making the hike more of a challenge. Plenty of drinking water, snacks, and a lightweight backpack is advised on this climb. Also, it is best to go with a guide as the pathways are not very clear.

The following historical specialties are seen at the summit of Dolukanda:

  • Ambalangala, Kalugala and Bowitiya plains
  • Raksha Muna
  • Hulang Kapolla
  • Weheragala
  • Herbal forest
  • Maligathenna (where ruins of the ancient palace can be seen)
  • Ponds: Watakei Pokuna, Dunkei Pokuna, Kaludiya Pokuna


This 6 hour hike in the most beautiful hill country district in Sri Lanka offers magnificent views of lakes, mountains and lush greenery. Located close to the town of Badulla and is accessible if you have Ella in your Sri Lanka tour. Narangala is the 3rd highest mountain in the province and begins its trail from the Thangamale Tea Estate in Haputale. Hikers can drive to the Hindu shrine and begin their climb from there. Neighboring locals will help you with directions to the top. Locate a large pipeline and follow it to the top – until you reach a gravel road. Walk along this road until you get to the top of the massif.

The hike itself is about 1.5 hours, and is best done during the months of January to September. It is not recommended to climb Narangala during wet and rainy season. Be careful with steep steps and equip yourself with water, snacks, leech and mosquito protection, and an extra layer of warm clothes. Set up your camp for the night, sleep early, and don’t miss the views of sunrise.


Situated in the central highlands of the island, Yahangala is the rock where the great King Ravana was laid to rest after he lost the battle to Lord Rama and was finally killed by the latter. In Sinhala, ‘Yahangala’ means ‘bed rock’, where all the king’s countrymen came to pay their last respects to their King.

The hike to Yahangala is not an easy task, though it is ideal for camping as it provides gorgeous 360 Degree views of the surrounding landscapes, including Mahaweli River, Velangolla Pathana, and Kehelpathdoruwa. The climb begins from the right side of the mountain – which is a longer, yet easier route. Hikers should look out for elephants as these are a common sight on the route to the top of Yahangala. The summit comprises of a large, flat area, offering plenty of space to set up camps.


Kondagala is a small mountain, yet a popular destination for hiking as it is an easy climb and offers jaw-dropping views. Located on the border of the districts of Kandy and Nuwara Eliya, it is often combined with a visit to Loolkondera Tea Estate. Both of these are located in the same place, about 32kms from Kandy city and can be included in your Sri Lanka tour itinerary.

After exploring Loolkondera – the first commercial tea estate in Sri Lanka (1867 – by James Taylor), drive more along that road until you get to a Temple with a bridge. Turn right, towards the hill and purchase a ticket for your vehicle once you reach the barrier. Begin your climb towards the hill. Don’t forget to capture the tank which has a summer hut in the center and beautiful views around there. The rest of the way to the mountain is another fairly easy 1.5 kms. The feeling of strong wind gushing against you while you enjoy the views at the top from the edge of the stones is unmatchable.

Haritha Kanda

Also known as the ‘Green Mountain’, Haritha Kanda is a good hiking spot and camping site. Located in Bogawantalawa, on the Hatton – Maskeliya road, this rocky mountain is about 1800m high and is surrounded by lush greenery, which has led to the place also being known as “Little New Zealand”.

Ideal for a day hike or an overnight camping adventure, Haritha Kanda is on the forest road that separates the Butterfly Reserve and the Maha Eliya Plain. The neighboring town is famous for its tea industry and offers sky-scraping peaks with butterfly-like views. No prior permission is required for camping but be sure to bring all your necessary equipment and eatables.