Why choose Sri Lanka as a Yoga holiday destination?

by | Jan 10, 2023

The last 2-3 years were all about being cooped up at home and piling stress on your shoulders. If you are looking for an escape from this struggle and improve your way of life this year, a yoga retreat is just what you need. Relax, unwind and discover yourself by immersing into the ancient art of yoga. Having originated in India, yoga has been practiced for centuries in Sri Lanka and has now become wildly popular in terms of combining yoga with a vacation!

What is yoga?

Yoga is a form of exercise that gives priority to improving your mental and physical wellbeing. The practice taps into your inner spirituality, connects your mind and body with nature and the present state of the atmosphere around you. If your daily routine is burdening you with a lot of stress, consider practicing yoga for some relaxation and mindfulness in your life.

What is a yoga retreat?

The concept of a yoga retreat is where you take some time away from work and life to escape to a remote location and focus entirely on practicing yoga. A yoga retreat is possible either in the setting of a luxury hotel or in an isolated and scenic destination that allows you to connect with nature and deepen the understanding of yoga, without the distraction of digital devices.

Why choose Sri Lanka for a yoga retreat?

Yoga is a practice that requires eliminating the distractions of life and connecting with your mind. The paradise island of Sri Lanka offers many suitable locations, particularly based in the hill country and on beach destinations, that are ideal for this venture. The beauty and serenity of natural landscapes, sunrise, sunset, and wildlife will engulf you, thus helping you forget the worries and challenges of your daily burdens.

Sri Lanka offers a vast variety of forests, mountains and fresh air, which is hardly enjoyed in city life. Yoga retreats in Sri Lanka offer premium access to such untouched spaces in the mountains and shorelines with stunning views to mesmerize your senses and connect you with other friendly yogis from across the world. In choosing Sri Lanka as a destination for a yoga retreat, you will come across a wealth of knowledge to explore about how the ancient art came into being as well as being connected with expert yoga instructors to assist you with the practice.

Popular yoga retreats in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has an abundance of hill country, mountainsides, and easily accessible waterfalls and beaches, which is where most of the yoga retreats in the country are located. The main purpose of each yoga establishment is to detach yogis from the hustle bustle of daily life and are thus built in the center of scenic, isolated locations. These hotels and resorts have in-house yoga instructors who are dedicated to being with you throughout your yoga journey and assisting you with the process.

While Mirissa, Ahangama, Kandy, Ella and Dambulla are a few popular destinations that are known for yoga retreats, below are a few to name as being amongst the best in the country.

Ulphotha Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat

Located about 50kms east of Dambulla, this sensational retreat is set in the village of Embogama, the oldest inhabited region in the country, and is firmly focused on preserving the gorgeous natural beauty of the area. This village is self-sustained and is dedicated to sustainability, sourcing all food supplies on-site or from neighboring areas.

Ulpotha Yoga Retreat aims to achieve contentment through simplicity, cleanliness, hygiene, and spiritual practices. With some of the best yoga experts from a global background, they aim to impart their knowledge in the areas of Hatha, Iyengar, Astanga and Sivananda. The retreat also has a top-notch Ayurveda centre, where guests can pamper themselves in a wide range of therapeutic treatments. Combining sustainability with elegant luxury, Ulpotha is the perfect escape for a rejuvenating stay!

Sen Wellness Sanctuary

A trip to the Sen Wellness sanctuary in Netolpitiya (southern coast) is a slip away from the real world and into a haven of tranquility on the turquoise blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The retreat offers yogis a rang of peaceful treatments and therapies focused at achieving inner peace of mind and wellbeing. The Yoga Shala is where yoga sessions are held on a daily basis – a breezy, open space enveloped in fresh air. They offer a variety of wellness programs that combine meditation with yoga, along with some holistic Ayurvedic therapies to encourage the harmony between mind and body.

Talalla Retreat

Talalla is a peaceful and relaxing beach destination in Sri Lanka’s southern coast, and Talalla Retreat is a fantastic luxury wellness staycation where guests can practice yoga; relax, rejuvenate and detox themselves. Release your stress levels by indulging in yoga, meditation and mindfulness at Talalla Retreat. Their yoga workshops are led by experienced teachers and the retreat also includes an on-site spa to pamper yourselves with a range of treatments.

Santani Wellness Retreat

Santani is a beautiful getaway destination situated on the top of a striking hill in the heart of Sri Lanka’s hill capital – Kandy. The retreat is perfectly suited for a quest in connecting the spiritual self with nature, and offers excellent cuisine and service. Featured in popular travel magazines, Santani Wellness Retreat offers the country’s largest tri-level spa, promotes healthy eating and offers guests a range of calming yoga activities to refresh and detox.

Plan your yoga tour in Sri Lanka

Blue Lanka Tours offers specialized yoga tour itineraries including destinations such as Kandy and Ella. With careful curation, you can customize your itinerary where you can explore popular tourist attractions as well as enjoy a peaceful yoga retreat to refresh and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Contact our travel consultants to discuss your requirements and plan your yoga tour in Sri Lanka.