Haputale, Misty Town with History

by | Aug 2, 2019

Haputale, Misty Town with History in Sri Lanka

Travelling to Sri Lanka expecting something green and foggy? Then Haputale is the perfect fit you. Cold and Misty wind covered with mountain tops with genuine, simple Sri Lankan’s will warm your hearts and make you feel like home throughout your stay. There are two ways to get to Haputale. Either you can hop on to a car/van or experience the mountains and all the Sri Lankan beauty real way through an amazing train ride. We recommend the train ride to Haputale without any doubt because we know you will thank us later! It’s not just the weather that’ll make you feel so calm and relaxed, genuine hospitality of Sri Lankans. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a foreigner or local tourist they will smile and treat you all the same way. People in Haputale live minimalistic lives by plucking tea or other small economic activities. You can grab a bite of authentic Sri Lankan dishes especially Tamil cuisines which is without a doubt one of the best food experiences you can get in Sri Lanka.

When it comes to exploring Haputale there are 3 unique places you should not miss.

  1. Lipton Seat
  2. Dambathenna Tea Factory
  3. Adisham Bungalow


Here’s a tip for you, before organizing your trip to Haputale be aware about the weather conditions. Because if it’s too misty or rainy you won’t get the most out of your visit. And don’t get to Lipton Seat when it’s raining because it’s a mountain top there are often accidents caused by thunder. Lipton Seat got its name from Sir Thomas Lipton who’s the first tea exporter in Sri Lanka. I think you have already tasted world famous Lipton tea, if not you can grab a cup of freshly brewed tea while enjoying the breathtaking view. Specialty of this place is when you get to the top of Lipton Seat if the view is clear you will be able to see upto 5 provinces. Also, from here you can see the lights of Kirinda, Trincomalee and Devundara Lighthouse.

Next stop is Dambathenna Tea Factory which is the longest tea factory in Sri Lanka founded by Sir. Thomas Lipton. And from Lipton Seat there’s only 7 km distance for your tea plantation excursion. Interesting fact about this tea factory is Sir Lipton started this by sending 28 kg which expanded to sending 1.2 million KG now.


Another must visit place in Haputale is St. Benedicts Monastery Adisham Bungalow. This bungalow was built in 1931 by an English noble named Sir Thomas Villiers. This solid mainstay bungalow is covered in mountain tops and breathtaking forest which emphasizes is tranquility and heritage. You can relax and have a look around at the striking Haputale town enjoying flowerbeds and majestic trees. Want to experience this amazing beauty with candid service, contact us through www.bluelankatours.com

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