Squid Fishing

by | Aug 3, 2019

Where Italian Wildlife Meets the Sri Lankan Sea!

Fishing is always a very unique method where the escape of the city life is right at your fingertips, and for those who excel in the art of fishing, well finding it very joyful is not something so far away!

Sri Lanka has always been into the idea of fishing since the medieval ages, where our forefathers, and their forefathers have used the Ancient Way of the stick to procure this species for consumption as well. Quite artfully as well.


Squid Fishing: When to go and how to do it!

Quite a number of pointers can definitely be pointed out when preparing for Squid Fishing in Sri Lanka.

When speaking about the locations that Squid Fishing would be offered, the main locations that can be summed up as the ideal locations would be Negombo, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, Trincomalee and Mirissa.

In the same manner as Whale Watching would go in Sri Lanka, Squid Fishing is relatively done in the same order of the months. In order to have a better idea on when Squid Fishing can be done in Sri Lanka, and the ideal months, the below points would definitely be of use:

  1. Trincomalee – June, July, August, September & October
  2. Negombo, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, Mirissa – January, February, March, April, May, November, December


Going further, and looking at the “How to Do It” section of Squid Fishing, following the below pointers are bound to ensure that you will definitely have a magical squid fishing experience right here in the Pearl of the Indian Ocean:

  1. A lightweight, long fishing reel – To ensure that the slightest nudge can be felt.
  2. Squid Jig for Bait Cannot Go Wrong – Squids are known for their special eating techniques, which mean a special bait such as the Squid Jig will definitely do the trick. Having a variety of colours and sizes is also advisable.
  3. When Fishing from a Boat – Luck would be still be available. Placing lights on the on the bottom or sides of the boat will increase the chances of a successful catch.

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Apart from the above-mentioned pointers, you would still need to have luck on your side to catch these creatures because squids are some of the fussiest creatures ever to inhabit earth, and well lucky them too, because they get to live out on the deep blue sea.

Squid Fishing, it is indeed a very unique and interesting activity which people of all moderate experience can enjoy to the and beginners can find it a very easy activity to get the hang of.

We are always here to show the adventure of a lifetime, and truthfully, not many people would be able to offer you this, but we have always promised and we have always delivered in every means possible.

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Written By:

Sachin De Silva