How to make the most of Sri Lanka’s supposed off-season

by | Sep 14, 2019

Read on to find out how you can enjoy an experienced packed holiday, even if you decide to travel during the supposed ‘off-season’. If we are being completely honest, Sri Lanka really doesn’t have an off-season, but it does have a peak season which is generally from December to March. There is plenty to enjoy and experience no matter what time of the year you travel to this paradise island.

I see Sunshine

Sri Lanka is blessed with a sunny disposition. Meaning that, even during the country’s rainy season, you will find bouts of sunshine breaking through, as heavy bursts of downpour are dotted with periods of warm amber. But even with the rain, the country not only takes on a lush vibrancy, it also offers you alternate entertainment, if you thought sunny beaches were your only options. You
could cosy up with a good book, while sipping an aromatic Ceylon tea with the sound of the rain in the background. You could also use the time to sample the various mouth watering Sri Lankan dishes on offer. Be it the local street food or fine dining, the spicy aromatic cuisine will take you on a culinary
adventure you taste buds will be thankful for.  

Ayurveda Retreats

Another great way to spend your time and help your mind, body and spirit heal is by going for an Ayurveda retreat. This ancient science of life, has today one again been given its due recognition as a holistic approach to achieving wellness. Seasons do not matter. All you need to do is visit one of the many professional retreats on offer in Sri Lanka, where treatment is suggested and administered according to your specific requirements.

Less Crowds

A perk if there ever was one. Dealing with less crowds means that you can enjoy the tourist attractions at leisure and more peacefully. While Sri Lankan hospitality is legendary and can never be faulted with, during off season you will enjoy even more personalised attention thanks to the fewer number of guests.

Cheaper Prices

You can make use of the amazing deals and discounts on offer during non-peak periods. This will allow you to stretch your holiday budget even further, giving you the opportunity to enjoy experiences you may otherwise have opted not to owing to the cost.

Surfing like a pro

This is the perfect time to try your hand at surfing, Sri Lanka’s east coast being one of the most popular destinations. Surfing in Arugambay should be on your bucket-list if it isn’t already, as surfers around the globe travel here to enjoy the famous waves. But don’t worry, if surfing is not your vibe, you can simply enjoy the dreamy east coast beaches that provide all your beach dreams, from
the silky soft sand, to the sun speckled water that laps the beach. If you can drag yourself away from the sun, sand and surf go explore Pigeon Island in Trincomalee, the interesting architecture and enjoy some snorkelling.

Going Cultural

The off-season is a great time to visit Sri Lanka’s abundant cultural spots so you can absorb the atmosphere and explore at leisure as you will have less tourists to contend with. From the interesting Sigirya Rock Fortress to the ancient cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa you can spend hours marvelling at the ingenuity of ancient Sri Lankans. If you are in the country during the month of August, you could take in the Kandy Perehera which is one of the grandest religious pageants in Asia. You will be enthralled by the vibrant dancers, drummers, jugglers and stilt walkers and of course by the majesty of the beautifully adorned temple elephants.