Meditation Centers in Sri Lanka

by | Jul 7, 2017


International Vipassana Meditation Centre

This meditation centre was established with an aim to Lord Buddha’s noble teachings to human beings of all races and religions. With about 50 years of experience in meditation, this center specializes in Vipassana meditation – a technique that allows a person to see the reality of life as it is.

Address: No 108, Wijerama Mawatha,
Colombo 07.
Office Hours: Everyday
8.00 am – 10.30 am
1.30 pm – 5.30 pm
8.00 pm – 8.30 pm
Phone : 0112 694100
Web :


Damrivi Foundation

Buddhism provides a great philosophy and teachings for a way of life that promotes welfare of humans and environmental harmony. With the inspiration of this conviction a group of academic professionals established this foundation in 2003, guided by Buddhist insights and philosophy. Through these insights, they aim to enrich lives of individuals and society. Activities and programs are customized towards nurturing values, attitudes and ideas of people to ensure wellbeing in all states of mind, equality and social justice, ultimately to diminish all sufferings.

Address: No: 51/A, Isipathana Mawatha, Colombo 05

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 9:00AM–5:00PM

Phone: 011 2 504431

Prana Lounge

Prana Lounge is a solid platform that offers solutions catering to wellbeing as well as treatment options for prevention, healing and cure. This property is located amidst a beautiful heritage building – Colombo Cinnamon Gardens, a peaceful atmosphere indeed. The ultimate goal of this institute is to provide evolving concepts of health management solutions with an aim to grow and glow from your inner self. In addition to yoga, meditation, health related therapies, events, seminars and workshops; Prana Lounge also has a delicious Café Kumbuk that caters to healthy food lovers.

Address: 60 Horton Pl, Colombo 07
Hours: 8.00AM–8.00PM
Phone: 011 2 684808


Nilambe Meditation Centre

Nilambe Meditation Centre is an authentic Buddhist meditation retreat, established in the 1970s. Godwin Samararathne was one of the popular founders and meditation teachers at the centre and his guests included Christian priests, Chinese Buddhists and all sorts of other groups. He left this world over a decade ago but he is one personality that will be remembered throughout the existence of Nilambe Meditation Centre. Mr. Alahankoon was another one of the founders and the backbone of the centre and he cared about the place like a father would care about his children.

To get the maximum benefit of the meditation retreat, the Centre advices that the retreat should be started from the beginning, completed fully, not left halfway or not joined halfway through either.  Activity participation is also encouraged for further benefits.

Address: Galaha
Office Hours: 1.00pm to 3.00pm.

Paramita Meditation Centre

Previously a tea plantation now transformed into a meditation centre, the Paramita meditation centre has a picturesque view from the top of a hill. The design of the building gives a feel of a spiritual home for people from across the world to come and learn Buddhist meditation. Visitors are encouraged to settle their mind and body into a natural state upon arrival. Professionals at the centre request you to point out your expectations and anxieties of the real world, as well as open up to an honest life. Participants should isolate themselves by keeping aside all electronic devices that connect them to the outside world and observe Noble Silence to embrace the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Address: No.7, Kandy Road, Kadugannawa, Sri Lanka
Phone: 0094 774481980


Kanduboda Siyane Meditation Centre

Kanduboda Siyane meditation centre invites the citizens of the world to discover the fountain of wisdom within themselves through the technique of Vipassana meditation. In 1956, this centre was opened under the sponsorship of a meditation master from Burma. Ven. Sumathipala Thero played an immense role in the creation of the meditation center. Kanduboda Siyane can accommodate up to 70 participators at a time, with accommodation, meals and services offered free of charge. Donations funds the entire centre and meditation programs are designed for visitors to stay weeks or months.

Kanduboda Siyane International Insight Meditation Center,
Kanduboda, Delgoda,
Sri Lanka.
Phone : 0094 11 240 2306, 0094 11 493 1808

Rathmalkanda Meditation Centre

In Oct 2006, the founder of Kanduboda Meditation Centre moved to the beautiful town of Ella and established a meditation centre amidst the cool and dry climate there. Nestled in between luscious tea estates, green hills and breathtaking mountain ranges, it is the ideal atmosphere for meditation.

Address: Kitelella Rd, Ella
Hours: 6AM–11PM
Phone: 077 368 1065

Ridi Viharaya

In the village of Ridigama, close to the city of Kurunegala, lies a Silver Temple known as Ridi Viharaya built in the 2nd Century BC. The temple is believed to have provided silver ore for constructing one of the largest stupas in the country. Apart from the temple, there are several rock caves that nomadic monks used for mediation in the ancient days. Today, meditation huts are still popular at the Ridi Viharaya with comfortable meditation rooms.

Address: Ridee Vihara Rd, Ridigama

Phone: 071 263 5016

Ashram Sri Lanka

This spiritual retreat center is in a place full of peace and tranquility, the beauty of flora and fauna, and an opportunity to meditate in the midst of a jungle. Ashram Sri Lanka provides a spiritual awakening for those who are unable to absorb the demands of everyday life. The aim of meditation at this centre is to seek release from the cycle of birth and death. If one is serious about meditation, this seemingly impossible task can be achieved with the prospects of several benefits. Techniques of modern psychology, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity are used here to uplift people’s personal mind development and growth. Ashram Sri Lanka is a refuge and a perfect escape from the ordinary life.

“Ashram Sri Lanka”
Wewe Hena, Horawenna,
Sri Lanka.
Phone:0094  417919580
Web :


Rockhill Hermitage International Meditation Centre

This charitable foundation promotes the practice and learning of meditation and Buddhism. Located deep in Sri Lanka’s central mountain regions, you will find pleasant climate conditions, plenty of flora and fauna as well as a natural water spring on site. In addition to a large meditation hall, the hermitage has a monastery, a men’s area, a nunnery and a women’s area. With a massive 15 acres in its possession, Rockhill Hermitage Meditation Centre also has a library, a few caves and some student houses scattered here and there. At the beginning of every month, intensive 10 day meditation courses are held and individual retreats for indefinite periods can also be arranged. Ven Silatawa is the founder of this 36 year old meditation centre and he teaches Vipassana meditation in both English and Sinhala languages.

Address: Rockhill Hermitage,
Hondiyadeniya, Wegirikanda,
Central Province, Sri Lanka

Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone:0094 813 801871