The truth about ‘Glamping’ at Gal Oya Lodge

by | Jul 7, 2017

What’s Glamping?

Glamorous camping, luxurious camping = Glamping. Ecological but luxurious camping is what Gal Oya Lodge presents to its holiday-ers. Glamping is a unique experience that lets you choose exclusive accommodation with an amazing backdrop as well as an experience of a lifetime to be sleeping amidst the wildlife. All this and more without having to sacrifice even an ounce of comfort. With Glamping you can connect with Mother Nature without the need to rough it out!

Why Go Glamping at Gal Oya Lodge?

  • It is an ecologically friendly way of experiencing a holiday
  • It is the closest you can get to nature and wildlife
  • The adventures are endless – safaris, cycling, nature treks, encounter with animals


What Gal Oya Lodge Offers:

The concept of design at the Gal Oya Lodge brings you closer to nature while at the same time protecting the environment. They focus on attention to detail in creating the bungalows with materials such as cajan, wood and illuk. The lodge also makes use of appropriate technology and recycling concepts to preserve natural resources like water and energy.

Bungalow style bedrooms are offered to guests, each nestled in the forest in a manner that minimizes its impact on land, framing unmatchable views. Here are the facilities available in each 800 square foot bungalow:

  • Private living room
  • Private verandah
  • King size bed
  • Attached bathroom with double sinks, indoor and outdoor showers

For families looking for maximum nature indulgence, Gal Oya Lodge has created a two-bedroom villa located at the highest point of the lodge, offering a peaceful and remote environment with breathtaking views. A common living room connects both bedrooms, and each bedroom has its own verandah with stunning views.

Experiences at Gal Oya Lodge


Our 20-acre private forest can be explored with a simple jeep safari or with more demanding adventures. You could also choose to experience local culture and living heritage of Sri Lanka during your stay. Gal Oya Lodge will be happy to arrange individualized experiences of the Gal Oya National Park, suited to your requests. In your adventures, you could include bicycle tours, riverside picnics, nature treks, bird walks and park hikes. Every safari adventure is sure to be thrilling and unexpected in its own way.

Deep into Nature

Naturalist guides are available at Gal Oya Lodge to show you around the forest and the wild animals of the area. A re-created version of the traditional safari is now possible at Gal Oya Lodge. They offer boat safaris on Sri Lanka’s largest lake where you can discover wildlife from a completely different perspective. Don’t be surprised if you find elephants swimming and bathing in the lake. Bird life is also exceptional around the lake and you can be sure to spot sea eagles, herons and cormorants along with some migratory birds.

Meet the Veddas!

Another timeless experience for your holiday in Sri Lanka offered by Gal Oya Lodge is a walk through the jungle with one of the last remaining communities of the veddas. During the tour, the Vedda explains how they use medicinal plants, he shows you the spot of their hunting grounds and cave dwellings, and also how hunters survived through the ancient jungles of Gal Oya.