Plan your next babymoon in Sri Lanka!

by | Apr 21, 2023

Expecting your first baby?

Nearly 60% of parents-to-be take a pre-baby trip, as per a survey reported by

Join the trend of babymoon-ing! Plan your last trip as a couple and spend some quality time with a holiday in Sri Lanka! The relaxing beaches and hill country setting offers just what you need to connect with each other before a mini bundle of joy becomes part of your family! A babymoon has become more popular since a few decades, with more and more people embarking on such trips, and Sri Lanka is becoming a much sought after destination for a babymoon!

Here are some things to keep in mind when traveling while expecting a baby, and planning your own getaway.

  1. Get the timing right

Ideally, you’d want to plan your trip during the second trimester – between week 14-28 of your pregnancy. The first trimester is more of a road trip where your body is adjusting to the changes and you may experience discomfort in terms of nausea on a daily basis, leaving you not much room to enjoy a trip. Also, the first trimester is delicate in terms of fetus survival in the womb, therefore doctors’ advice not to travel during this period. The last trimester will have the baby bump and exhaustion coming in the way of your activities and hence is not advisable. The best time during your pregnancy that you would enjoy your travel the most is in the second trimester – so get planning before it’s too late!

  1. Choose a relaxing destination

The most important criteria when choosing a destination for a cosmopolitan getaway before diaper runs and midnight feedings become the norm is to make sure there is plenty of relax and rejuvenation. Sri Lanka offers relaxing destinations within a short travel time and no flight journeys involved, so you are not putting too much stress on your pregnant body. Medical clinics and pharmacies are easily accessible from all parts of the country, in case you require medical attention at any point during your trip.

  1. Stay on loop with your doctor

Confirm with your doctor the complete itinerary of your trip to ensure he/she assures your safety with regards to the excursions or activities you might want to engage in. Also discuss any necessary precautions that may have to be taken before and during your trip – vaccines, medications, any foods to avoid. A flu shot may be recommended as pregnant women are more susceptible to respiratory infections that may incur during flights.

  1. Prepare in advance

While you may not want to think about situations that may affect your health, it is best to have contact details of medical centers near your travelling destinations in case of any emergency. In case of foreign travel, you can find out about the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers for a worldwide directory of doctors. Register with your embassy in the foreign country in case you require extra help with leaving in an emergency. Lastly, check on your health insurance to ensure it covers your destination and if not, find an alternative insurance solution.

  1. Flight concerns

Flights are generally considered safe as long as your pregnancy is normal. However, it must be discussed with your doctor in advance. Most airlines allow pregnant women to fly until they are 35 weeks along, but international flights have a lesser cutoff point. Inquire with the relevant airlines regarding this, and it is also a good idea to obtain a medical letter from your doctor mentioning that it is safe for you to fly – this is in case there is any issue when you check in at the airport. Reserve an aisle seat for yourself so you are easily able to get up, move around, and use the bathroom as required. Keep snacks with you and stay hydrated. Avoid foods that are gassy as air in your stomach will tend to expand at a higher altitude. Try to avoid metal detectors at the airport and request for pat-down instead when passing through security.

  1. Road trip concerns

When planning your itinerary for a holiday in Sri Lanka, be sure to choose destinations that don’t involve long drives. Fortunately, several options are available to tour Sri Lanka within 2-4 hour drives from one destination to another. Request your chauffeur to take frequent breaks in between to boost your blood flow. Once again, stay hydrated and pack healthy snacks to accompany you during travelling hours. If you have to wear a seat belt, have the shoulder strap across the collar bone and the waist strap as low as possible. Move your seat far back to create distance between your bump and the dashboard.

  1. Mention that you are on a babymoon

The golden rule in the travel industry for honeymooners is to offer free upgrades wherever possible. The same must apply for babymooners! So, let tour operators, flight crew and hotel staff know that you are on a babymoon and you might be surprised with a seat or room upgrade, or even a basket of fruits in your room!

How long should you go away for your babymoon?

For an escape within your country, about 3-4 days is a nice amount of time for a getaway. However, if planning a trip to Sri Lanka, a minimum of one week is advisable as flight travel will come into play. Depending on the distance and budget of your travel, you can decide how long you’d like to plan your babymoon in Sri Lanka. Don’t make it too hectic as you’ll end up being more tired rather than relaxed towards the end of your trip.

How to plan a babymoon in Sri Lanka?

Blue Lanka Tours has carefully curated a special babymoon itinerary that includes relaxing beach destinations on the east coast and scenic hill country locations to indulge in. If you have preferred destinations you’d like to visit or any other special requests, you can let our team know and we will gladly curate a tailor-made itinerary for your babymoon in Sri Lanka!

What are some babymoon suitable destinations in Sri Lanka?

  • Hatton
  • Nuwara Eliya
  • Ella
  • Sigiriya
  • Tangalle
  • Passikuda
  • Kalkudah
  • Galle
  • Bentota
  • Colombo