Putting your adrenaline junkie hair down in Sri Lanka

by | Apr 24, 2024

Welcome thrill-seekers! Sri Lanka is also a playground for adrenaline junkies. From mountain and rock climbing to zip-lining across hills to white water rafting to surfing to diving, there are many exciting ways to experience this emerald isle.

The mighty blue Indian Ocean surrounding the island, the dramatic elevations of the Central Hills, mystical mountains and the rivers that gush through secretive forests all offer adrenaline-fuelled opportunities. Whether it is a hike that ends at World’s End, a wave made to conquer or a coral garden hidden beneath the waters, each part of the island offers thrill and adventure. Take a look at the best exhilarating activities in Sri Lanka.

Hiking on the Horton Plains

Horton Plains in Sri Lanka

It is no ordinary hike! Prepare for sights beyond imagination. At an elevation of more than 2,000 m, this breathtaking plateau gives you vast expanses of rolling montane grassland and cloud forest. It contains the most extensive cloud forest on the island. It is also the headwaters of three major rivers of the island – Mahaweli, Kelani and Walawe. And, if you are interested in the Ramayana Trail of Sri Lanka, the Plains are significant to its storyline.

The cool climes of the Highlands mean you can hike away without sweltering. Horton Plains National Park is a designated World Heritage Site along with the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary and the Knuckles Mountain Range of the Central Highlands.

The montane grasslands & shrublands and montane evergreen forests of the plains consist of various endemic plants and trees. Sights of sambar deer, toque macaques, purple-faced langurs and giant squirrels are frequent. Horton Plains is one of the Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in Sri Lanka.

World’s End and Baker’s Falls are among the most stunning attractions here. World’s End is a sheer precipice with a drop of about 4,000 feet (1,200 m). None rivals its views. On clear days, views extend to the southern coast of the island. The Mini World’s End, located 1 km from the principal escarpment, has a 1,000-foot (300 m) plunge with remarkable views.

Catch a glimpse of Adam’s Peak in the distance from the Plains, rising distinctly above the misty mountains. It could be your next destination for your adrenaline fix.

Climbing the Adam’s Peak

Adams Peak


Sri Pada, or Adam’s Peak, is a sacred mountain in Sri Lanka revered by Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians. It is the most famous mountain on the island. Pilgrimage to Adam’s Peak is ritualistic. Buddhists believe the footprint at the summit is that of Buddha, and the mountain itself is the abode of the God Sumana Saman, one of the guardian deities of the island. Hindus believe it is the footprint of God Shiva. Muslims believe it is the footprint of Adam, and Christians believe it is the footprint of the doubting apostle St. Thomas.

Situated in the southern reaches of the Central Highlands, this conical-shaped mountain is 2,243 m (7,359 ft) tall. There are six routes to the summit, Hatton-Nallathanni being the most popular. Ascending it at night will see you greeted by a glorious sunrise at daybreak. A significant part of the trail leading from the summit consists of thousands of steps with supporting handrails. The trails get illuminated for safe night-time ascent.

There are rest stops and refreshment stalls along the way. The temple at the summit contains the shrine that houses the sacred footprint. The door to the shrine is open during the pilgrimage season, which is from December to May.

On your hike back, you can enjoy the spectacular sights of the surrounding hills and mountains. There are crystal-clear streams and rare plants and flowers along the way. Adam’s Peak is the source of the three major rivers in Sri Lanka: Kelani, Walawe, and Kalu.

White water rafting in Kitulgala

White Water Rafting in Kitulgala

Kitulgala is famous for white water rafting. However, it is not the only thing Kitulgala is known for. It was also the filming location for the Academy-award-winning movie Bridge on the River Kwai. The Kitulgala-Kelani rainforest sits at the edge of the Central Highlands. Here, you can ride the rapids of the Kelani River.

Several rafting experience providers offer world-class riverine adventures for thrill seekers. There are opportunities for flat water rafting, too. You can also try your hand stream sliding, waterfall abseiling, waterfall trekking, canyoning, jungle trekking, cycling, zip-lining, bird watching and river expeditions.

Zip-lining at Ella

Flying Ravana Mega Zip Line

Ella is a jewel in the highlands. Its rich and dramatic landscape is a cloak of green. Cloud forests, waterfalls, tea plantations and viewpoints – there is no better setting for zip-lining. Flying Ravana offers one of the most popular zip-lining experiences in the country.

Their two-wire Mega Zip Line is half a kilometre long, slides at a maximum speed of 80kmph, and offers aerial views of the stunning scenery. Starting at Little Adam’s Peak, it flies over the lush hills and tea estates overlooking Ella Gap. Flying Ravana is certified by the European Rope Course Association (ERCA). They also offer abseiling, air rifling, ATV, archery and Mega Jump.


Surfer in Arugambay

Sri Lanka has some of the best surf spots in South Asia. Mirissa, Tangalle, Weligama, Midigama, Hikkaduwa, Ahangama and Hiriketiya of the south coast are exceptional. Arugam Bay on the southeast coast is called the surf Mecca. The East Coast offers massive swells and iconic breaks as well. Pottuvil Point, Okanda, Peanut Farm, Elephant Point and the beaches around Pigeon Island offer excellent surfing opportunities. November to April has the best conditions to surf on the south coast, and April to October is the best for east coast surfing.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka

Why limit excitement to what is on the surface when what is beneath the ocean is just as magnificent? Corals, colourful shoals and shipwrecks form another exotic world underwater. Trincomalee, Nilaveli, Pigeon Island, Weligama, Unawatuna, Bentota, Kalpitiya, Mirissa and Great Basses Reef Yala are top diving sites to discover a wealth of hidden undersea beauty. Kalpitiya is also one of the best places in the world for kitesurfing.

Rock climbing


Climb to head-spinning heights and savour the scenery only seen from such heights. Ella Rock, Little Adam’s Peak, Sigiriya, Pudurangala and Mulgirigala are some of the best rocks to climb in Sri Lanka. Little Adam’s Peak and Ella Rock offer panoramic views through the famous Ella Gap. Sigiriya is one of the most impressive vantage points to admire the northcentral plains and the engineering marvel of ancient palatial fortresses.

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