A Simply-Flying Experience of Sri Lankan Scenery

by | Aug 5, 2016

The world can be seen in several perspectives and angles. Every human being sees their surroundings from ground level. Imagine what it would be like to be a bird and fly over the beautiful island of Sri Lanka while gazing downwards? A helicopter ride in Sri Lanka would bring to you a totally different, unique and interesting perspective. When you look from above, the beaches you would stroll on, the malls you would shop at, the wildlife experience, the visit to Temples and historical ruins, and the mountains and tea estates that you would enjoy driving by, are all incredibly different.

Simply-Flying Helicopters

A helicopter ride can take you to where few men have gone before and will present you with an experience that very few have felt before! Sri Lanka is a popular tourist destination that offers visitors a diverse range of attractions, ranging from the sounds of the tropical jungles to the panoramic beauty of a beautiful coastline, to the misty mountains of the hill country.

Sometimes road travel can be an inconvenience due to travelling time, congested roads and other health problems that many travelers may experience. This should not restrict you from experiencing the breathtaking beauty of Sri Lanka. Avoid the hassle and traffic associated with road travel by choosing to travel by air. Travel in unparalleled style and comfort with helicopter tours in Sri Lanka, which will give you an exclusive birds’ eye view of the island. All you need is a helicopter ride reservation, and an empty field to take off and land the helicopter! For example, our friend ghostwriter diplomarbeit chooses to fly in a helicopter to collect research material for his term project. He also takes photos, which he then includes in his project.

How to Reserve Helicopter Transfers

Flights are scheduled based on flight availability and passenger requirements. Helicopter Rides in Sri Lanka operate only during the day-time and in acceptable weather conditions. This restriction is for passenger convenience and safety and also to make sure nothing obstructs the bird’s eye view that passengers are desperately awaiting.

Blue Lanka Tours provides luxury helicopter tours in Sri Lanka for all our clients. Simply inform us 24-36 hours in advance, and we will reserve an aircraft and crew to take you on the helicopter tour on your requested date. If you want a greater choice of aircrafts and pricing options, it is advisable to get in touch with us at least a week before your flight date. This allows us to cater to any special requests from our clients.

To make the reservation, we need passenger details such as name, date of birth, passport number and nationality. To avoid any confusion and misunderstandings, we will provide you with accurate details of the information required in order to make the helicopter reservation. Also please note that all helicopters are independently monitored by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka.

Advice for First-Time Helicopter Passengers

Helicopter rides in Sri Lanka are definitely an exciting experience but may often feel overwhelming for those riding a helicopter for the first time. Here’s how you can be well prepared to enjoy your scenic flight.

Not being nervous about flying is very important. Flying has been proven to be a very safe form of travel. The numbers of accidents on air are much less than those that occur on road. The pilot navigating your helicopter will be a well trained professional who has many hours of experience in flying helicopters in varied weather conditions. He will also be familiar with the route you have selected for your helicopter tour in Sri Lanka.

Control your anxiety before you get onto the helicopter by taking deep breaths, meditating and visualizing the flying experience. For extreme anxiety, you could visit a doctor and obtain some anti-anxiety medication to help you stay calm during the ride. While on the flight, you may find it helpful to read, play games or converse with another. However, do not forget to keep looking out the window regularly because that bird’s eye view of the pearl of the Indian Ocean is one that should not be missed!

Appropriate clothing for your flight would be long pants, a light jacket, and long hair should be pulled back. Inappropriate accessories would be sunglasses hats, sandals, flip flops, and loose jewelry. You are also advised not to bring heavy luggage and loose items such as a keys or a purse.

When your pilot is giving instructions, listen carefully. He will tell you about emergency procedures, the location of first aid kits, flotation devices and so on. Sit tight with your seatbelt on and do not leave until instructed to do so.

To have a very pleasant and simply-flying helicopter ride in Sri Lanka, follow these tips and be prepared.