Tips for a Perfect Honeymoon in Sri Lanka

by | Aug 8, 2016

Honeymoon is a trip that is surely almost, if not even more, exciting than the wedding itself. You may have been on vacations with you fiancé before. You may go on couple holidays in the future too. But after all that stress of planning your wedding, a memorable honeymoon is something you definitely deserve.

Consider a honeymoon in Sri Lanka when planning this trip. Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for everything you would want in a honeymoon. Be it a relaxing stay amidst beautiful and panoramic views of mother nature, a tanning holiday on the beach, or an adventure filled one with activities such as rafting, camping and trekking, Sri Lanka has it all.

Avoid Mishaps

No matter how much planning you do for your Sri Lanka honeymoon, these are the first few days of your married life and they don’t always go as expected. So don’t be disappointed with a few mishaps and twists and turns as these can often be what make the trip more memorable.

To avoid mishaps while on your honeymoon, here are a couple of tips you should keep in mind:

Plan your honeymoon dates about a week after wedding. This gives you enough time to rest for a honeymoon that you would otherwise spend just sleeping throughout.

Take it easy during your honeymoon in Sri Lanka. If you are still exhausted after the wedding bells, opt out of tiring activities such as trekking. Just choose to relax on the beach instead. If you are tired and want to enjoy your honeymoon, then ask Ghostwriter Masterarbeit for help and he will plan a comfortable system of rest and entertainment to your liking.


In discussing how to have a perfect honeymoon, there is definitely a list of things you should not miss while you are at it.

Do Something You Have Never Done Before

Sri Lanka has a lot of activities that tourists can try out for the first time. Some of these include: kite-surfing, white water rafting, camping amidst wildlife, climbing Adam’s Peak, tea plucking experience, ayurvedic treatment, turtle watching, or simply indulging in the ultra-luxury accommodation at an exclusive holiday resort. Fun and exciting experiences such as these are what make your honeymoon in Sri Lanka an unforgettable one.

Order Room Service

Honeymoons are meant to make you lazy. There may be a time when you are experiencing a bed bug where you just don’t want to move out of bed, let alone getting dressed and walking to the restaurant for your meal. Pamper yourself to the luxury of having your meal sent to your room so you can sit by the window and enjoy a private meal, overlooking the beautiful view from your room.

Get Your Pictures Taken

It is your special trip and you want to record every minute of it. In fact, it is worth recording every minute of a honeymoon in Sri Lanka. You want to take back home unique memories of serene green landscapes, beautiful estates of tea, exotic golden sand beaches, friendly local life, UNSESCO world heritage sites, wild animals that you don’t see every day, and much much more. Don’t feel shy to bother other holiday-ers to get pictures of you. You can pay them back by doing the same for them.

Eat and Drink Generously

You don’t have to worry about fitting into your wedding dress anymore so eat, eat and eat all you can! By choosing Blue Lanka Tours as your Sri Lanka honeymoon provider, you will be assured of accommodation and meal packages at our exclusive partner hotels all around the island that offer the best in terms of food and beds. You can indulge in the widespread buffets and try a variety of cuisines on your taste buds. Oh and while you are still in the tropical island of Sri Lanka, don’t forget to order a fruity cocktail with an umbrella in it!

Have a Romantic, Candlelight Dinner

A candlelight dinner is solely reserved for couples. As a newlywed couple, you are bound to enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner which can be arranged on your Sri Lanka honeymoon. You could choose to have a backdrop of astonishing mountains, cascading waterfalls and greenery everywhere, or you could dine on the shores of the striking coastline in Sri Lanka. Just make a request to your hotel when you are visiting the hill country or are enjoying the beaches of the eastern and southern coastlines. Hotel management will make the necessary arrangements for your romantic and cherished night out.

So there we have it, a guide to making your honeymoon an absolutely perfect one. Keep these tips in mind to make the most of the most treasured vacation of your life!