Southeast Asia – A Backpacker’s Paradise

by | Aug 15, 2016

Southeast Asia, as a tourist destination, has been more popularly known as a backpacker’s paradise since a long time now. Most places such as Sri Lanka tours, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand are very affordable, have very simple travel logistics, very safe to travel around and are blessed with an amazing, holiday-friendly tropical climate throughout the year. If you have a few weeks or months to spare on your calendar, you should definitely explore Southeast Asia as a backpacker.

Not all backpackers touring the region will follow the same routes, but usually, this is how a practical route could be defined. A quick run through the banana pancake trail, which comprises Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. This name was given after the typical breakfast that was served to foreigners at most guesthouses. Next, you would move on to Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, South China, Phillipines and Myanmar. In your itinerary, you don’t have to stick through this circular route though because Asia allows for simple zig zag sailing through all the countries. These beautiful places are not only suitable for recreation, but also for study. For example, Ghostwriter Österreich likes to travel to Sri Lanka and write his thesis project about the culture of Southeast Asia.

Most of the region has an abundance of amazing places to visit. A Sri Lanka holiday is ideal for relaxation and fun-filled activities with its variety of natural and cultural attractions. For backpackers passionate to see Asia, it is an island that must be covered, and for backpackers just starting out, a Sri Lanka tour would be a perfect way to begin their quest of Southeast Asia. After a horrifying past, Sri Lanka now proudly offers tourist a highlight of different formats of beaches, plenty of wildlife, cultural heritages, abundance of tea plantations, mountainous trails for hiking, and to top it all, an amazing Buddhist hospitality to everyone.

Thailand and Bali are very similar to playgrounds for partying westerners. Some attractions such as the temples in Bangkok and Ha Long Bay – Vietnam are often overrun by day-trippers and visitors who are on a package tour. If you want to stay clear from such commercial places, it is completely your choice, and to do so, you need to keep your plans very flexible in order to find the opportunities to explore countries.

For those setting out on their first backpacking trip, Southeast Asia is an ideal region to explore. Not only is it relatively easy to get around, it is also full of adventure. When planning your itinerary, be sure to include a Sri Lanka tour from Blue Lanka Tours. We will arrange a budget friendly round tour of the island so you do not miss any of the tourist attractions that Sri Lanka has to offer. In offering budget friendly packages for backpackers, we keep in mind comfort during journeys and in terms of accommodation as well.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind before you set out for your backpacking trip to Southeast Asia.

Don’t over-do the planning. Sufficient research and a list of must-see attractions are good. But once you get to your destination, plans are bound to change. Don’t be committed to the plans you have initially made. Impromptu change of plans is what makes your trip more memorable.

Stay calm and relaxed. In Asia, everything does not happen in a perfect schedule. Don’t let that bother you. Sometimes you may even spend ten minutes arguing with a taxi driver about the fare he has charged you. But that’s just part and parcel of experiencing a holiday in South East Asia. Take it easy and let go of minor issues by laughing it out.

Put yourself in the position of a local. If you are on a Sri Lanka tour, opt for local rice and curry type of meals rather than hamburgers. Don’t expect air conditioning everywhere you go. Take a ride on public transportation and experience the life of a local! If you have ever been on a Sri Lanka holiday, you would know that it is more of a ‘road less travelled’ due to the long civil war and devastation caused by the tsunami. But the backpacking crowd is easily finding their way into the lovely beaches, delicious cuisine, rich culture and wildlife. The best experiences of any country in South East Asia come from those that represent local life the most.

Before you begin your backpacking journey, plan, pack, prepare and get into the mindset of making the most of your trip. Turn your travel dreams into real plans and work hard towards making it happen in reality!