Tourism Comparison in Sri Lanka and Maldives

by | Aug 24, 2016

The Maldives and Sri Lanka are two geographic, cultural and economic neighbors who share very similar lifestyles in the past and present. The climate and monsoons that both island nations experience are very similar but in terms of geographical reality, there is a vast difference in both countries. Due to these geographic reality differences the tourism industries of both nations are outlined in separate paths. For example, while a honeymoon in Sri Lanka will allow you to experience breathtaking beaches and panoramic greenery, a honeymoon in Maldives will only give you exposure to amazing sea life. Many people also choose the Maldives as a place to study. For example, authors from the scientific service Facharbeit schreiben lassen like secluded villas, where they can write scientific projects and rest their souls.



While Maldives has a geographical area that is two times bigger than that of Sri Lanka, the country has 99.9% of water and owns over a thousand mini islands separated by deep waters. 1972 was when tourism first began in Maldives and was developed with an aim to provide a relaxing holiday away from urban centers and the living spaces of the public. Hence more and more uninhabited islands in the Maldives were explored and transformed into holiday resorts. Tourists adored the fact that they got to spend their vacation in completely secluded hotels, away from the local population. Today, popular resort hotels have conquered complete uninhabited islands and tourists are transported by water taxis and charter flights.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka on the other hand is one island on the whole, thereby allowing for land transport to all corners of the country. 1966 is when tourism was initiated in Sri Lanka and during this period, the primary focus in fostering tourism was to make sure adequate accommodation facilities were available for the incoming guests. In fact British governors gave up their residences and offices to be used as accommodation, which are now transformed into beautiful hotels. This goes on to show that even though some distance was maintained, these places of accommodation were in close proximity to popular markets and centers of commerce. So even if you were on a private honeymoon in Sri Lanka and had some time left to shop and learn about the country’s culture, easily accessible places are always available nearby.

Today too, most of the popular hotels in Colombo are enveloped by major business centers but the people living there will not come in the way of tourists enjoying a private Sri Lanka honeymoon. The concept here, unlike that of Maldives tourism, is that tourists are free and encouraged to experience the diverse landscape of Sri Lanka and not just restrict themselves to one hotel or region.

As for tourists who choose to stay at one hotel throughout their stay, Blue Lanka Tours provides the option of day tours to visit other regions of the country. We will arrange luxury and comfortable transport along with a driver cum guide for guests who are interested in exploring other parts of Sri Lanka. Our day tour itineraries are categorized by region and interest of activities. So if you want to take a break from your Sri Lanka honeymoon, you can opt for day tours to explore the beaches, the hill country or the culture of the island, from wherever you are staying.



The tourism product being advertised by Maldives is mostly the tropical getaway vacation of sun, sea and sand. Honeymooners would love a secluded holiday like this and so would just about anyone looking for a break from the real world. In this context, the Maldivian tourism experience has different varieties such as:

Holiday on board while traveling in safari boats

Diving holidays to some of the best diving sites in the world

Dream waves for surfing enthusiasts

These varieties in will always have a marine touch to it obviously because of the extreme abundance of sea water owned by the group of islands. So while Maldives boasts of rich marine life, white sandy beaches and clear blue lagoons, whether you are in the north of the country or the south, the attractions are quite the same. You would either be enjoying days tanning yourself on the beach, indulging in nights of luxury accommodation, pampering yourself to an exclusive spa treatment or appreciating an extraordinary meal experience at an underwater restaurant.

Sri Lanka

While Sri Lanka is only half as big as Maldives, it offers considerable diversity to tourists. From beaches to jungles, Sri Lanka has it all. If you are on a honeymoon in Sri Lanka, you could choose a package designed for total relaxation while there are also packages catered to adventure lovers, nature lovers and culture lovers.

Nuwara Eliya boasts of cooling climate and massive tea estates

Sinharaja Forest Reserve is where you find the jungle flora and fauna

Anuradhapura is a culturally enhanced city

While exploring these regions, you can indulge in some adventurous fun such as white water rafting, canoeing, trekking and so on. In addition to these, Sri Lanka owns six UNESCO recognized sites and a rich combination of culture and hospitality to add charm and attraction to a holiday in Sri Lanka.