Sri Lanka bike tour: adventures and encounters on two wheels

by | Oct 10, 2023

It’s not just tuk-tuks that are immense fun here; bikes take you up and down the country for some close-up encounters. Sri Lanka is Asia’s most exciting new destination. And, what better way to experience it than pedalling through its vivid landscapes and varied terrains, where every turn of the wheel reveals something to be awed? Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking challenging uphill climbs or a leisurely traveller wanting to soak in the scenery, bike tours in Sri Lanka cater to every type of cyclist. So where should you be heading for some ‘wheel fun’?

Quaint coastal charms of Galle

The coastal city of Galle on the southern shores of Sri Lanka offers a picturesque blend of ocean vistas and colonial heritage. The iconic Galle Dutch Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the centrepiece of the city’s history. Cycling through its narrow cobblestone streets is like traversing time as you pass by colonial-era architecture, charming boutiques, and art galleries housed within historic buildings. The fort’s ramparts offer breathtaking ocean views, inviting you to pause and imagine the stories of traders and explorers who once graced these shores.

Watch local fishermen casting their nets and find secluded beaches and hidden coves, often missed by traditional tours. Fresh seafood is a culinary highlight of the region. Bike tours give you a chance to stop at local eateries or seafood stalls to savour delectable dishes like grilled prawns, spicy cuttlefish, and aromatic rice and curry spreads.

Cultural immersion in Kandy

The citadel in the hills has numerous cultural treasures for you to discover. The Kandy Lake near the Temple of the Tooth is a beautiful historic spot in the city to cycle around. Discover spice gardens, orchards, farms, and traditional craft workshops off the beaten path. Cycling tours are the best way to uncover facets of Kandy’s charm that might have remained hidden otherwise.

Tea Odyssey in Nuwara Eliya

If you want the joy of cycling but none of the heat, Nuwara Eliya and Ella offer a cool climate and scenic splendor. Pedal through endless tea estates where the air is fragrant with the aroma of freshly plucked leaves. En route, meet local tea pluckers and stop by a tea factory to discover the secrets behind your favorite cuppa. As you navigate the winding roads, graceful waterfalls, sweeping views of misty mountains and charming villages, it will be invigorating as it is serene. Take a respite from pedaling and enjoy a jeep safari in the Udawalawe National Park for plentiful sights of the Asian elephant.

The sacred city of Anuradhapura

Steeped in history and significance, Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka’s north central province offers a fascinating glimpse into a glorious past. Adorned with giant stupas, stone temples, ancient reservoirs, and lush fields of paddy, you have plenty of freedom and flexibility to explore various routes and landscapes.

Anuradhapura is a spiritual sanctuary that has held significance for millennia. From the awe-inspiring Ruwanwelisaya Stupa to the enigmatic Abhayagiri Dagaba, each site reveals a different chapter of the city’s illustrious past. Here, you can pay homage to the sacred Sri Maha Bodhi tree, considered the oldest living tree in recorded history. It is a descendant of the holy fig tree, under which Lord Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment. Cycling tours offer a multisensory experience that forms a humbling and meaningful connection to this ancient city.

The hidden world around the Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Cycling tours add a unique layer of experience to discovering Sigiriya. While climbing its majestic heights on foot takes you to a splendorous summit, offering mesmerising views, pedaling on two wheels unveils remarkable natural beauty in the surrounding area. Ancient caves, mystical water pools, monastic forests, verdant jungles, and fertile fields immerse you in nature and history. Stops at local villages allow you to learn about traditional crafts, practices, and customs.

Cultural riches of Dambulla

Cycling tours in Dambulla take you to the ancient cave temple of Dambulla. A towering golden Buddha statue sits atop the monastic complex. A stunning collection of paintings and Buddha statues evokes a spiritual ambience inside the caves. Ride through vibrant markets selling fresh produce, spices, and handicrafts. Engage with vendors, sample local snacks, and witness the lively energy of the marketplaces.

Beyond the city centre, bike tours lead you through picturesque rural landscapes and villages. Pedal along shaded paths surrounded by paddy fields, lush greenery, and traditional homes. The lakeshores of Kandalama offer moments of relaxation and reflection, a peaceful contrast to the city’s buzzing energy.

Bio-diversity wonderland of Sinharaja

Sinharaja rainforest is Sri Lanka’s premier biodiversity hotspot and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Renowned for its high degree of endemism, you can spot species not found anywhere else on Earth. The dense forest, tranquil streams, lush foliage, fresh air, and soothing sounds of nature awaken your senses and deepen your appreciation for the intricate web of life in the rainforest. Bike tours in Sinharaja transcend ordinary travel.

The lagoon town of Negombo

Nestled along the picturesque western coast of Sri Lanka, Negombo is an urban coastal gem, offering a blend of colonial heritage, bustling markets, and golden sandy beaches. Known as the “Little Rome” of Sri Lanka due to its Catholic colonial legacy, ornate Portuguese-era Roman Catholic churches dominate the landscape. Cycling tours in Negombo offer a unique perspective on this fishing town. Negombo’s lively fish market swarms with activity. Watch local fishermen bring in their catch of the day. The colourful boats, aromatic spices, and fresh seafood create a sensory feast. Give your feet some rest and cruise along the lagoon, famed by thick mangroves.


Cycling tours offer the freedom to pause, explore, and appreciate the surroundings at your own pace. Sri Lanka sets the scene perfectly with a never-ending coastline, quaint fishing villages, verdant jungles, ancient ruins, exotic wildlife, sacred sites, night markets, and more that mingle adventure, culture, and connection in a way few other travel experiences can.

Between two-wheeled treks, there are plenty more opportunities to luxuriate in stunning hotels, indulge in Ayurveda wellness, laze on the beach, ride scenic rails, and go on safari. Blue Lanka Tours crafts bespoke cycling holidays in Sri Lanka with an understanding personal touch. Make beautiful travel memories you will reminisce forever. What is your best travel moment in Sri Lanka, or are you yet to live it?