“Sri Lanka” by nature, through the eyes of a child

by | Feb 3, 2023

There are a ton of things to do in Sri Lanka with kids – making it one of the most preferred destinations in the world to travel with kids. The Big Five to begin with come from beautiful beaches, abundance of wildlife and stunning mountainous scenery. The country also educates children on interesting historical features and offers a variety of delicious cuisines to indulge in.

What stands out the most as a child-friendly destination is that Sri Lankan people are amongst the friendliest in the world! They love children and wherever you travel in Sri Lanka with kids, you will be given a warm welcome. Not only their smiles and hello’s that will melt your heart but they will go out of their way to help you out when travelling with kids.

Blue Lanka Tours has a special itinerary for visiting Sri Lanka with kids. This includes the Big Five, and is guaranteed to offer enticing holiday experiences for your children and keep them excited with activities throughout the tour. Get in touch with our friendly team of consultants for more details on this tour and opt for the package as is, or read further for a few more things that you may want to include in your visit to Sri Lanka with kids.

The Big Five

  • Big Blue Whale: the biggest animal alive on the planet earth can be seen in Sri Lanka!
  • Big Tooth: the Sperm Whale has the biggest teeth and this species can also be spotted along the southern coast of Sri Lanka.
  • Big Elephant: the Asian Elephant, the biggest terrestrial mammal in Asia is up for observation in Sri Lanka!
  • Big Cat: the Leopard is the third biggest cat in Asia, the biggest in Sri Lanka and is a top predator as well.
  • Big Tropical Bear: the Sloth Bear seen in the jungles of Sri Lanka is one of the largest in topical latitudes.

Family-friendly Beaches

Sri Lanka has over 1300kms of coast lines, most of which is made up of scenic, palm-fringed beaches. One of the key things to keep in mind about beaches in Sri Lanka is that the safest ones for swimming with kids are the ones located in small bays. Knowing this one fact helps finding swim-safe beaches easily when in Sri Lanka.

In Colombo, the Mount Lavinia beach is much preferred as it is a long stretch and easy to find a peaceful spot. As this is a city beach, it is best to avoid wading in very further but children tend to have a good time nevertheless running around, paddling and making sandcastles.

In the southern coast, Bentota is also a nice long stretch of golden sand and clear blue waters. A wide range of hotels have been established behind the palms of this beach. So, you can just choose to stay on one of the beach resorts and have the children spend all day playing in the sand and water.

Dalawella beach, further along the southern coast is an absolute favorite for visiting Sri Lanka with kids. A reef runs along the length of the beach which helps as a natural barrier to the large waves, thus creating a calm lagoon for the kids to play in.

The Weligama beach is also ideal for swimming with children as there are long stretches of shallow water and the beach has a gentle slope, making the waves small and consistent. Older children can learn how to surf on this beach as the waves are perfect for beginner surfers.

Wildlife Safaris

No trip to Sri Lanka is complete without a wildlife safari! Kids will enjoy the whole jeep safari experience and trying to spot animals in the wild with their binoculars. Yala National Park is the most popular option for spotting leopards and a wide variety of other animal species. Udawalawe National Park is the best place to go for observing elephants in their natural habitat, while the Bundala National Park is more popularly known for its unique bird species.

When going on a safari in Sri Lanka with kids, don’t forget to pack some snacks and water as the rides can be as long as three hours. Keep a separate bag to collect the rubbish and ensure you don’t litter the park. Binoculars is an obvious must-have for your children to be able to spot maximum wildlife. Cool clothing is recommended as the climate is usually hot. Also, mosquito repellents will prevent your loved ones from itchy mosquito bites.

Spice Tour

Sri Lankan food is known for its delicious fragrance, owing to the wide variety of spices available in the country. Opt for a spice tour to learn and teach your children about the spices being used in everyday life. You will be able to see them growing in their original forms in the plantations. Don’t forget to point out the Touch-Me-Not plants that fold the leaves inwards when they are touched – kids will be fascinated by these!

Rock Climbing

Although Adam’s Peak, Ella Rock and Pidurutalagala Mountain will be too intense for children, Sri Lanka has simple versions of rock climbing to excite your children.

Little Adam’s Peak is a perfect option for the kids as the pathway to the peak is mostly paved and is more of an easy walk rather than a climb, except for the small stretch at the top – but is still independently manageable for children over 3 years of age. The entire hike both ways is about 3 hours, considering children walking at a slower speed and needing time for rest.

The Lion’s Rock in Sigiriya is also another 2.5-3 hour activity that is do-able with children. The climb entails paved staircases and as you pass through the different parts of the rock fortress, a guide can explain to your children how this massive palace was built on a rock by an ancient King of Sri Lanka.

Be sure to pack some good shoes for yourself and your children so they can climb comfortably. Also, carry plenty of water in your backpack as it can get quite hot at the top.