The Magical Sera Ella Falls in Sri Lanka

by | Mar 28, 2019


Located near Laggala in the Matale District, Sera Ella Falls are a beautiful sight with a plunge pool at the bottom which is absolutely safe for swimming and it also has a hidden secret – a dry cave shielded from view behind a curtain of water.

Surrounded by the Knuckles Mountain Range, the cold weather at this waterfall is much appreciated, making it a perfect location for a one day excursion family holiday in Sri Lanka.
Riverston is a popular location to base yourself to explore the Sera Falls where you can enjoy nature’s beauty as well as some adventurous fun in the water, along with the nearby village exploration experience.

While the sight of the pool itself is stunning and perfect for photo fanatics,  do keep in mind that like almost all other waterfall pools, this is one too, is incredibly deep. Hence don’t try swimming across unless you are a good swimmer and are confident that you can reach the other side with ease.  Also, while you are bathing, be cautious of the slippery rocks surrounding the falls.

Thefall happily flows throughout the year, with its peak water flow being during the monsoon season – November to March. Its name – Sera is derived from the species of fish inhabiting the water.

As mentioned above, one of the most interesting features of the fall is the hidden cave behind the curtain of water. Steps have been cut out to get to this cave and can be safely accessed even when there is a heavy flow of water – indeed a curious sight to explore.

Getting to Sera Ella Falls

Sera Ella Falls are situated in the Dumbara Jungle in the Matale District and are split into two sections, each with a height of 10meters. Thelegam River is where the fall is created with the water tumbling down a protruding rock face in Dumbara Jungle.

You can reach the falls either from Matale or Laggala. From Matale, it is a distance of 45kms with a travel time of about 1.5 hours. From Laggala, the roads are a bit bumpy but any vehicle should be able to take you to the falls, which is just 15 kms (30-45 mins drive) away.

Once you reach the Pitawala Pathana, identify a concrete road taking you to Puwakpitiya. 8.5kms into this road is the entrance of Sera Ella Falls. From the entrance, climb down about 200meters and you will reach the viewing platform. If the vehicle you are travelling in does not have a clearance for high grounds, it is advisable to park your vehicle about 1.5kms away from the entrance and then walk the rest of the way.