The Ultimate Guide to “Shop Till You Drop” in Sri Lanka!

by | Nov 21, 2017

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Clothes, footwear, spices, handicrafts, gemstones, designer jewelry, tea, souvenirs and much more are available in all corners of Sri Lanka, at extremely reasonable prices. Popular cities such as Colombo and Kandy have malls and massive retail outlets bustling with interesting things to buy for yourself.

Did you Know?

So go ahead and add “shopping” to your list of reasons why you should plan a holiday in Sri Lanka!

And if shopping is on your list, make sure to include at least a couple of days in Colombo – dedicated only for shopping. Because Colombo is the biggest trading hub in Sri Lanka, you can find absolutely everything and anything here. From modern, air conditioned malls, to busy street markets, there is something for everyone!

Read ahead to learn more about what you can find where in Colombo and make your shopping experience that much simpler.


Before we go on to the high end shopping stores, let us brief you in about the much spoken about “Pettah Market”. Located in the Fort area, you can find almost anything within the narrow streets of Pettah. Plenty of small shops are available to satisfy your retail needs. Clusters of shops are located together and each cluster sells a particular type of item. For example, if you walk through the cluster of shops on Keyzer Street, you will find all kinds of wholesale and retail textile items being sold. Driving through these streets are more time consuming than walking. So the best option is to get your hat, shades and shoes on and explore the Pettah Market on foot. Oh and one more thing – in Pettah, your bargaining skills should be at its best!


Majestic City

Majestic City is a 7 storied building located in Colombo 04 (Bambalapitiya) and has a total of 96 shops within the premises. Being one of the oldest malls in Sri Lanka, it is still considered the most popular one amongst locals and tourists alike. In the basement, there is a kiddies play area as well as a food court where you can fill your stomachs and entertain your kids too. In 2008, Majestic City, also known as MC, underwent a massive renovation and got its own Cineplex with four cinemas! In addition to the international brands and other retail stores ideal for shopping, MC is also a popular hangout joint amongst youngsters who want to window shop or lounge around.

Crescat Boulevard

If you are looking for an upmarket shopping mall in Colombo, Crescat Boulevard is where you should be. The retail brands cater to tourists and high end shoppers hence you will find a variety of top notch brands at this mall. Crescat is also known for the diverse cuisines offered at the food court for affordable prices and to satisfy the taste buds of every individual.

Liberty Plaza

The history of Liberty Plaza dates back to the 1980s, making it the first ever shopping complex in all of Sri Lanka. While the exterior of the mall may not be so appealing, the rarities of some of the oldest retail outlets in the country will definitely impress you. More than clothing, liberty plaza is known more for the offers available on electronic items, mobile phones and accessories. “Photo Technica” is a popular stop at this mall where all latest models of digital cameras and other electronic accessories are sold. When planning to visit this mall, keep in mind that it closes by 7.00pm on weekdays and most of the shops are closed on Sundays too.

Arcade Independence Square

The Arcade at Independence Square is a compound of colonial style buildings where many high end brands for shopping, dining and entertainment are available. Samsung, Nike, Levis, Giordano, Amante, Stone N String, Titan and Parfumerie are some of the popular brands for shopping. In terms of food, The Arcade offers a mix of Sri Lankan, Thai, Indian and Japanese variety and there is also a 3D equipped premium cinema within the complex for the purpose of entertainment. The complex also has an outdoor sitting area with beautiful fountains and flower beds for visitors to relax and hang out in between their shopping spree.



From spectacular paintings to vintage photography to picture framing to art materials to home decorative items to antique ornaments to gift items, Plate is an upmarket company that caters to ‘people who admire and value things of beauty’.

Paradise Road

An experienced and popular store in Sri Lanka known for its quality of homeware. The brand – Paradise Road – is now linked with unique taste and style for refining Sri Lankan lefstyle.


Modern homeware, antiques, paintings, household furniture as well as unique lighting options can be found at the Gandhara store in Colombo 06.

Art & Crafts


Located at The Arcade Independence Square, Laksala targets more of the discerning shoppers. They have a wide variety of products that exhibit traditional arts and crafts in Sri Lanka. From handlooms to wood crafts, jewelry, batik clothes, brass items, leather products and tea, they have many intriguing items to purchase.


Upon entering Barefoot (Colombo 03), you get a typical bohemian and ethnic feel. Majority of the products here are hand woven and the rare characteristic in their products can be instantly recognized as an item from Barefoot. They use bold and bright colors in high quality handloom material to make their products stand out.

Department Stores


You haven’t seen Colombo, unless you’ve been to Odel! At Odel, you have a whole 33000 square feet of shopping bliss, Odel has only been expanding since its launch and has reached a status worthy of international acclaim. The exterior presents homage to colonial architecture in Colombo while the interior boasts a rich collection of clothing in all price ranges. In addition to that, Odel offers designer homeware, sarees, perfume collection, books, unique jewelry and accessories as well as a good collection of kids items.


Arpico is the leading supermarket chain in Sri Lanka and is categorized under department stores because it not only caters to groceries but also to stationery, plasticware, household items, electronics, clothing, kitchenware, furniture and much more. They have several branches across the country so you can head on to the one closest to you and begin your shopping!

House of Fashions

The new House of Fashions is a massive 250,000 square feet with four floors of retail items and 17 escalators for the convenience of shoppers. Many well known clothing brands for men, women and children can be found here, along with gift items, fashion accessories, household items, cosmetics, perfumes, and jewelry. This huge store is very well spaced out and provides a peaceful experience to shoppers.


No Limit

No Limit is Sri Lanka’s biggest and largest fashion chain catering to clothing, accessories, bags, shoes and much more for men, women and children. They offer a range of quality products at reasonable prices and hence attract majority of the population in Sri Lanka.

Fashion Bug

Also a popular clothing retailer for trendy items catering to men, women and children; Fashion Bug is not as large as No Limit but does have a few stores in most parts of Sri Lanka.

Beverly Street

Beverly Street is another leading fashion store in Colombo with the latest styles and trends in clothes. They also have a functional online store where you can choose your products and get them delivered to you.

Cotton Collection

If you are looking for a really fun and colorful collection of comfortable clothing, cotton collection is the store to be at. Catering to the youth market, cotton collection sells clothing that is mostly brightly colored and patterned.


Dilmah Tea Shop

This is a boutique located in the heart of Colombo, exclusively selling tea products from Sri Lanka’s leading Tea Company – Dilmah.

Mlesna Tea Centre

Located at the upmarket Crescat Boulevard, Mlesna Tea Centre gives tea lovers a fresh range of tea varieties to choose from in a very elegant atmosphere.

Gems & Jewelry

Zam Gems

Looking for some exclusive jewelry made with genuine materials? Zam Gems provides you just that at affordable prices. They have a unique collection of handcrafted jewelry including earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces made with finely cut precious and semi precious stones, including the popular Ceylon Stones. The skilled craftsmanship at Zam Gems can also cater to customized designs to suit your requirements.

Colombo Jewelry Stores

This is a premium jewelry store in Colombo featuring some unique designs for those with a keen eye for fashion. The precious gems and the unmatchable craftsmanship have helped Colombo Jewelry Stores reach a hallmark of quality, luxury and style. With a customer base of locals and internationals, CJS is a respected, recognized and influential brand in Sri Lanka.

Stone N String

Chic and super fashionable jewelry can be found at Stone N String; which is also the ideal place for gift shopping. Reflecting quality and style, Stone N String makes fashion jewelry for youngsters as well as the classics. Their designer jewelry items include bracelets, brooches, necklaces, earrings and rings. They also have a bridal collection of jewelry catering to Kandyan and Western styles.

Accessories such as cufflinks and tiepins for men can also be found at the store along with rings, bracelets and chains for men. They also recently launched a wristwatch collection that includes a variety of classic and contemporary designs. Every February, they introduce a brand new Valentines collection of jewelry for those looking to impress their loved ones.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]