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Perhaps best known as the location of filming for the 1957 academy award-winning film Bridge on the River Kwai, Kitulgala is an adventurer’s playground. It is a stop-off west of the Kandy-Nuwara Eliya road, with approximately 60km from Kandy to Kitulgala. Thick jungles, tea estates, rubber plantations, hills, and mountains span the landscape. A few kilometers upstream Kelani River here is Sri Lanka’s top white water rafting base. The area also has picturesque waterfalls offering arresting sights. If jungle trekking is your thing, the untouched forest cover provides the perfect setting with its myriads of animal species and endemic plants. A Kitulgala adventure day trip also takes you to thousands of years of history.

Hidden Gems

  • Zip-lining through the forest is the best aerial rope activity in Kitulgala.
  • Nalagana Ella Falls is a charming waterfall tucked away in the forest.
  • The many waterfalls in Kitulgala offer waterfall abseiling opportunities.
  • White water kayaking is available over 7km of the Kelani River with world-class rapids.
  • Canyoning is rock sliding down to refreshing natural plunge pools of waterfalls.

Best Times to Visit

February to April is the driest season, while May to November is ideal for white water rafting.



Top Attractions

Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

Kitulgala water rafting covers 5major rapids and 4minor rapids in a 5km stretch of the Kelani River. Conditions are also ideal for flat-water rafting.

Makandawa Forest Reserve

Makandawa Forest Reserve

It is the catchment of the Kelani River and one of the most pristine rain forests in Sri Lanka. After Sinharaja, it has the most lowland endemic bird species.

Belilena Cave

Belilena Caves

These caves are an archeological site, where the remains of Homosapiens Balangodensis, a 12,000-year old prehistoric man, were discovered.

Aberdeen Falls

Aberdeen Falls

This 98m high waterfall is situated nearby Laxapana Falls. The base pool offers a stunning vantage point for admiring the falls and its rocky outcrop.

Laxapana Falls

Laxapana Falls

This 126m waterfall lights up Sri Lanka literally, with its twin hydroelectric power stations. Its deep base pool and the misty splash of water are a sight.

Olu Ella Falls

Olu Ella Falls

It is one of the less-known and visited waterfalls and takes its name from the Olu flower-like cascade. It falls in 4 segments from a height of 127m.

Where to Shop in Kitulgala

Kitulgala is all about adventure and very little about shopping.

Where to Eat in Kitulgala

Kitulgala hotel and camp atmosphere set in the wilderness makes for a truly relaxing dining experience. However, Kitulgala Rest House, The Plantation Hotel, and Heritage Family Restaurant serve up a treat as well.

Top Accommodations

Explore where you enjoy a comfortable stay during your explorations.

Palm Stone

Palm Stone Retreat

Palmstone Retreat is a Luxurious small hotel that offers exclusive 5 star experiences with luxury accommodation, unparalleled fine dining options and the ultimate in comfort and privacy. This exquisite hideaway is set in lush natural forests, overlooking a picturesque flowing stream, complete with a cascading waterfall. This luxurious small hotel near Kitulgala is the perfect base for white water rafting in Sri Lanka, bird watching, canyoning, trekking and hiking, and excursions to Adams Peak, Kandy, and Nuwara Eliya.
Club Villa

Moksha Kitulgala

True to the moniker Moksha, our luxurious boutique hotel nestled in 5 acres of private woodlands offers you a quiet and peaceful liberation from the incessant stresses of urban life. We understand the positive impact nature has on one’s health and wellbeing and have a carefully curated space where one can rest and recuperate, embraced by the gentle arms of mother nature.