Southeast Asia – A Backpacker’s Paradise
Southeast Asia, as a tourist destination, has been more popularly known as a backpacker’s paradise since a long time now. Most places such as Sri Lanka tours, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand are very affordable, have very simple travel logistics, very safe to travel around and are blessed with an amazing, holiday-friendly tropical climate throughout the
What to Expect on Sri Lanka Luxury Holidays
Sri Lanka is a small, yet beautiful island at the foot of India, which entails a hard-to-resist combination of history, culture, food and nature. The beach resorts and diving schools are a big bonus for leisure travellers while culture lovers are attracted to the ancient forts, temples and popular food spots. Nature lovers would love
Tips for a Perfect Honeymoon in Sri Lanka
Honeymoon is a trip that is surely almost, if not even more, exciting than the wedding itself. You may have been on vacations with you fiancé before. You may go on couple holidays in the future too. But after all that stress of planning your wedding, a memorable honeymoon is something you definitely deserve. Consider
A Simply-Flying Experience of Sri Lankan Scenery
The world can be seen in several perspectives and angles. Every human being sees their surroundings from ground level. Imagine what it would be like to be a bird and fly over the beautiful island of Sri Lanka while gazing downwards? A helicopter ride in Sri Lanka would bring to you a totally different, unique
Experience an Extra Special Luxury Holiday in Sri Lanka
We make “luxury” a privilege that can be affordable by all. If you have toured the world on extremely budgeted packages and are now looking for a relaxed and luxurious break from today’s fast moving life, plan a Sri Lanka luxury tour with Blue Lanka Tours. Romantic honeymoons, anniversary getaways and retirement vacations are just
Sri Lanka – A Family’s Perfect Holiday
When planning your holiday, if you are looking at bringing your children along, you would want to make it perfect for them. Designing a child’s perfect holiday would include beaches, castles, scenery, a few animals, a bit of history and culture, and a touch of magic. Broadly speaking, these characteristics are all available in the
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