Must-Visit: The all new Lotus Tower in Sri Lanka
Did you know? The Lotus Tower is: The tallest completed tower in South Asia 11th tallest completed tower in Asia 19th tallest completed tower in the world The 350m tall Lotus Tower in Colombo, Sri Lanka was declared open on 16th September 2019. Casting a shadow over Slave Island, Lotus Tower is the biggest highlight of skyscrapers in Colombo, and currently the hot [...]
When to travel where in Sri Lanka | a mini guide
Sri Lanka is a destination you can travel to anytime of the year and still be assured an enriching experience. Sri Lanka’s travel seasons can roughly be divided into peak season and low season. Sri Lanka doesn’t really have an off-season but during the rainy months travel itineraries will have to be adjusted to include [...]
How to make the most of Sri Lanka’s supposed off-season
Read on to find out how you can enjoy an experienced packed holiday, even if you decide to travel during the supposed ‘off-season’. If we are being completely honest, Sri Lanka really doesn’t have an off-season, but it does have a peak season which is generally from December to March. There is plenty to enjoy and experience no matter what [...]
Lunugamvehera National Park
The Wildlife Corridor of Life! Blast from the Past! The past of every single location or excursion in Sri Lanka is not that easy to apprehend, but through the years, people have been able to analyse and determine, at least to a certain extent, what has happened and how it happened. Lunugamvehera was declared a [...]
Sneak Peak of Sri Lanka
Sneak Peak of Sri Lanka’s First Multi Religious Centre; Ambuluwawa Tower Ever heard of Ambuluwawa Tower? If you’re in Sri Lanka for a day tour or a round tour Ambuluwawa Tower is one of the must see sites in Sri Lanka. You can get to Ambuluwawa Tower from Kandy or Gampola. Little knowledge about this [...]
Squid Fishing
Where Italian Wildlife Meets the Sri Lankan Sea! Fishing is always a very unique method where the escape of the city life is right at your fingertips, and for those who excel in the art of fishing, well finding it very joyful is not something so far away! Sri Lanka has always been into the [...]
Haputale, Misty Town with History
Haputale, Misty Town with History in Sri Lanka Travelling to Sri Lanka expecting something green and foggy? Then Haputale is the perfect fit you. Cold and Misty wind covered with mountain tops with genuine, simple Sri Lankan’s will warm your hearts and make you feel like home throughout your stay. There are two ways to [...]
Wasgamuwa National Park
Let’s Take a Look at Wildest Elephants in Sri Lanka! Are you a fan of wild animals? Have you been to Sri Lanka’s most adventures National Parks? Let’s take a look at the famous Wasgamuwa (Wasgomuwa) National Park.  First let’s delve into the basics about Wasgamuwa National Park.  Wasgamuwa National Park is located in Matale [...]
Next Step To Your Freedom
Next Step To Your Inner Freedom, Meditate in Sri Lanka As humans we need to relax and find ourselves again. We exercise and eat healthy to maintain our physical well-being but what about our mental health? Why does people neglect their mental health? It is important to leave the stress behind, to understand the true [...]
Deep Sea Fishing
Next Step to Become a Voyager, Let’s Go Deep Sea Fishing…. Ever paid a visit to Sri Lanka’s stunning ocean and got lost in it? As you already know when it comes to adventures Sri Lanka got everything covered within the country and outside the country. So why not trying out Deep sea fishing on [...]
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