Photogenic Belihuloya Nature Adventures in Sri Lanka

by | Nov 13, 2019


Belihuloya is a small village in Sri Lanka’s hill country and is an ideal location for adventure based holidays as well as for observing nature at its best! The natural beauty of Belihuloya, along with the Horton Plains National Park completing its backdrop view provides sceneries that are incomparable.

The unique location of Belihuloya is one that has a combination of Sri Lanka’s wet and dry zone, hill country, low country, grasslands, savannah and montane forests. About 160kms from Colombo, Belihuloya is one of the richest biodiversity spots in Sri Lanka.

What you will see:

A tour of this beautiful natural paradise offers enormous experiences of this remote village. You will come across rice fields, bean and tomato fields and observe how conventional farming is done (water management, individually planting rice plants, harvesting, next cultivation preparation, etc).

Wildlife sightings such as mongoose, chameleons, cows, monkeys, hawks, birds and butterflies are also possible in Belihuloya village.

Sri Lanka’s most popular national parks are also very much accessible from Belihuloya:

  • Horton Plain’s National Park
  • The Peak Wilderness Sanctuary

If you are interested in a wildlife tour of Sri Lanka, Belihuloya is the ideal location to start from. Yala, Udawalawe, Lunugamvehara National Parks are easy to reach and so is the Sinharaja Rainforest Reserve.

Some of the most picturesque waterfalls are also seen in this area:

  • Bambarakanda
  • Diyaluma
  • Brampton
  • Rawana
  • Galagama
  • Pahanthuda
  • Walawa

There are plenty of opportunities for capturing one-of-a-kind images of Mother Nature. So don’t forget to bring your camera along!

A Private Overnight Adventure

An interesting activity in your Sri Lanka tour itinerary would be a private overnight adventure to Belihuloya. This tour allows you to experience not just ordinary village life in Sri Lanka but one that offers tremendous views of the greenery. Included in this overnight adventure is a walking trail to the ancient Buddhist Temple that dates back to the 16th century AD. The walk itself is through beautiful paddy fields and welcoming fresh breeze. Some paths are unpaved and leech bites are also possible around here so do be cautious. An open air BBQ dinner will wrap up your first day of this exciting
adventure.  The next day, your guide will take you through another scenic walking trail to Pahantudawa Falls. This area is an unbelievable creation of nature – a mini canyon like geographical setting, not seen anywhere else in the island. This trail involves a short, challenging and adventurous climb. Spend some time here absorbing the beauty and then head back to your hotel to prepare for departure.

Honeymoon in Belihuloya

Belihuloya is a perfect location for a honeymoon tour in Sri Lanka, due to its immersion in nature, stunning views and quiet atmosphere. Blue Lanka Tours will be happy to arrange a luxurious honeymoon for you in Belihuloya.

Base in Belihuloya

During you holiday in Sri Lanka, if you want to relax in a cool environment surrounded with clean and fresh air, or go on a nature tour and be a part of the many fun adventure activities or take an excursion to other tourist attractions around the island, let Belihuloya be your base because nothing is too far away from here!